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West Bengal politics

West Bengal political violence: An examination of AITC’s controversial legacy

While, there is a speculation that at least 500 BJP workers have been killed after 2018, there is a lack of proper evidence as the state is under totalitarian regime with a state supporting police force with no accountability.

Is West Bengal now ruled by criminals?

Just a few months ago we witnessed horrible incidents like Haridebpur, Baguihati, Jangipara and now we are witnessing the incidents of Kaliaganj and Kaliachak.

Demographic transformation of West Bengal

Present BJP government of Assam is engaged in course correction now. But, in case of West Bengal, a large section of the Bongs is staunchly anti-BJP like their Muslim brothers.

The impossible Bong

Presence of Hindu-persecuting Islamic Bangladesh next door and gradual Islamization of West Bengal escape their highly intelligent(?) eyes when WB Hindus show he inherent obsession of converting vice into virtue by romanticizing and glorifying it, particularly when it is related to their wishful Hindu-Muslim unity.

Point of no return for West Bengal: Here is how

One may like it or not, but the fate of West Bengal is sealed

शारदा घोटाले के बाद दीदी की पार्टी का शिक्षक भर्ती घोटाला

आजकल पश्चिम बंगाल में ममता दीदी के सरकार के दो बड़े नाम पूरे भारत में छाये हुए हैं, एक नाम है पार्थ चटर्जी का जो एक दो नहीं अपितु तीन तीन विभागों के मंत्री है और दूसरा नाम है अर्पिता मुखर्जी का जो बंगला फिल्मो की छोटी मोटी नायिका हैं पर पार्थ चटर्जी की खासम खास हैं।

Is division and bloodbath evident in Bengal?: A brief note on the demand for a separate Koch Kamatapur state in North Bengal

It becomes evident that the chemistry of political equations may rapidly change in Bengal as this demand for a separate Koch-Kamatapur state is seemingly progressing to take a centre stage, while both the BJP and the TMC clinging into two completely opposite poles.

Bengal- The killing fields

From the post poll spate of death, dishonor, and displacement, to the seething embers of Rampurhat, the dance of death in Bengal continues its diabolic grasp unsparing of women, children, old and the young, even pets.

Quo Vadis, West Bengal?: Why more attachment to Bangladeshi Muslims than Hindus of India?

BJP can never come to power in West Bengal because of this large chunk of Hindu Bengali of the state who hates Dr. Shyama Prasad Mookerjee and BJP for no good reason and feel attached with Muslims of Bangladesh.

Islamic brainwashing in west Bengal: An effort to make Bengali Hindus forget their identity

Bengali Hindus are slowly but steadily forgetting their identity. They are identifying themselves more as Muslim and less as Hindus.

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