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Islamic brainwashing in west Bengal: An effort to make Bengali Hindus forget their identity

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These mentioned books are spreading in West Bengal. They are sold like a hot cake. The main subject of the 2 books are as stated in its title the identity of Bengali people. They want to prove that Bengali people were never Hindu. They were invaded by the outsiders with their own religion and culture and later they dislike this embraced culture and they chose to accept Islam. Hence, they were never Hindu.

This is a blatant lie. For the following reason I am totally rejecting their propaganda.:

  1. 1. West Bengal is a rich with Vaishnab culture with Nabadwip as a center and Gour as a historical center of Vaishnavism.
  2. 2. West Bengal is rich with Shakta culture with 3 Shaktipeeth in both east and west Bengal.
  3. 3. West Bengal is rich with Vedic culture with Bhatpara of West Bengal and Bramhanbaria of the Bangladesh as center of Vedic culture.
  4. 4. West Bengal is rich with Shaiva culture because we have links with Kashi.

But many people who are either ignorant or being forced are accepting these deadly views. they slowly slowly keep rejecting their Hindu identity.

The contention of the above books are that they reject the idea of undivided Bengal. They said that Bengal was divided into 3 parts by Ganga and Bramhaputra river. The western bank of Ganga is West Bengal, the eastern bank of Ganga is middle Bengal and the eastern bank of Brahmaputra is eastern Bengal. They say that Hinduism did not cross Ganga and middle Bengal and east Bengal has no Hinduism. Islam started spreading from East Bengal after the time of prophet and Muslims crossed Ganga and Brahmaputra and spread Islam all over Bengal. With this history Bengalis are not Hindu.

Source of these books

The 2 books are composed from mostly clandestine historical sources. Mostly are Bengali historian who are not well known. sometimes author cited his own books as source. I don’t know how valid is this practice. We don’t have any idea as to how valid are these unknown or lesser known historical source.

Refutation of these books

We Bengalis are definitely Hindus. Our forefathers were also Hindus. Eastern Bengal as they call it has Dhakeswari Kali Mandir and Ramana Kali Mandir. Both were very ancient and some shaktipeeth of 51 shaktipeeth. They are proof that Hinduism was there in eastern part of Bengal. Central Bengal as they call it has one Shaktipeeth in Srihatta otherwise known as Sillehte. This is also a proof that middle Bengal has Hinduism there. Also creation of Bangladsh is a political matter and ethnic charactaristics and religious charactaristics have nothing to do with it.

Effect of those books on Bengali Hindu

Bengali Hindus are slowly but steadily forgetting their identity. They are identifying themselves more as Muslim and less as Hindus. This is a VERY DANGEROUS SIGN since if people’s mind is changed totally then people will spontaneously support Bangladesh and Islam and then India will not be able to control the mind of the mass. Since modern battlefield is civil society according NSA Ajit Doval, we must take steps against this mass brainwashing to stop a future partition.

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