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Bengal- The killing fields

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A lawyer with more than 20 years of experience; an avid student of domestic and global political movements, and the ramifications of geo politics in international relations ; also keenly involved in the quest for discovering the true history of the Indian freedom movement.

The Bengal’s orgy of elemental destruction, murder and barbarism continues.

From the post poll spate of death, dishonor, and displacement, to the seething embers of Rampurhat, the dance of death in Bengal continues its diabolic grasp unsparing of women, children, old and the young, even pets.

Bengal is now identified with violence, rape, and loot. Politics in Bengal flows from the barrel of the gun, the cutting edge of the sharp machete, and fire to scorch mother earth.

Today’s Bengal and its violence is a long term effect of the left’s cultural contribution of breeding “hate” as a political and social weapon to rule. Hate in Bengal was bred in a calculative manner, and started with class versus class. However, since class is always dynamic and ever changing in a democracy, this hate could not find a defined area of operation and spilled out and seeped inside any and every small crack, gradually converting the culture of dialogue to an arbitrary, totalitarian, and monolithic structure of hate and violence, which was implemented and presided by a bunch of uneducated, criminals.

This Nazism, became all pervading and fatal under the successors of the left, i.e. the present power holders. So the song to evoke electoral support is now laced in a bizzare chilling musical message of threat in “khela hobe”, while the plea to evoke support in an election in the largest democracy in the world has now been replaced with threats which include use of the word ‘rape’, and the political weapons of the medieval times of burning, killing, maiming and violating women in all forms of barbarity. Even Satan would have shuddered to see, this order of the day.

From the post poll orgy of 2021 till today’s Rampurhat, and nobody knows how many more in our tomorrow, every act has been well perpetrated, motivated and a long thought out policy of annihilation of opposition of any kind. The crux of this violence is to create and instill the fear of death, and dishonour so that nobody can ever think of holding an opposition flag, whether from an opposite political party or even within the ruling party. What we are witnessing in Bengal today is an intra state invasion, very new and peculiar to a kind of politics which may not be known to many in post partition India.

This is much more diabolic since it is also optically hazy. It can be made easily invisible in its identification then an external aggression, where the aggressors are identifiable, and do not know the terrain. In external aggression one has the natural right to defend with all strength. In the circumstances we are in West Bengal today, a further peculiarity exists in this well thought out intra-invasion. Here the line of argument of defense and offence is thin. So the motivated biased media and the authorities have the luxury to interpret an offence as an act of one’s defending his and his family’s life and honor, and in the process lives have been lost. The present government in Bengal surely has no intention to stop the culture of mayhem.

Thus the result would be, that by that time or within the time, the federal government acts, the intentions would be achieved—i.e., annihilate the active meritorious and strategically important ground level workers of the opposition, and thereby injecting an indelible fear so pervasive, that the present primary opposition party and other opposition parties, and even any opposition within the ruling party will have no power or presence left to even raise their heads in future. A chilling feeling would be instilled among the population who support the opposition, that the opposition parties have no credibility to even protect their own.

Assurance and relief are not an answer to the broken people of Bengal, who want to believe and pray that the federal democracy of this country does possess the strength to stop anarchy. The psychological impact is deep and long standing amongst the poor, helpless population of Bengal who thought they live in a democracy and can peacefully exercise their choice for someone else then the one in power.  So a mother in Bengal (if she has not herself been killed) who has seen this dance of the devil, of her son or husband, or maybe both killed, and daughter violated in the most gruesome manner, and hung from trees dead and cold, in Talibanic ritual, will shiver before she allows any one left in her family or her near ones to ever hold the flag of any opposition party in Bengal.

The ones dying in Bengal are very helpless, and poor they have, no alternative but just fold their hands and pray that the looters, buccaneers, freebooters and bandits who have been let loose like hungry lions by an emperor Nero or some other name, will be kind to them. If we have to save them, save democracy, save Bengal, save our fellow countrymen, then central intervention is critical, please act now, do not elongate the constitutional process of securing their lives. 

The continuous line of incidents in Bengal is a very well known strategy adopted n the history of our times, where a corrupt regime, backed by a deadly cocktail of mafia, and self styled intellectuals, to secure the perennial source of self aggrandizement and survival, execute their political plans within a prescribed time limit; achieve the desired result, and then declare peace, and allege conspiracy; so that the common people live permanently under fear, since this declaration of peace is by the ones who started the battle, and that peace can always be withdrawn anytime, after all the common people know who started the battle and who declared the peace.

To all the hollow intellectuals of Bengal, the poverty of your intellect is reflected in your stony silence…after all you have to keep someone happy to sell your intelligence, and to all who silently watch, today they are coming for someone else, tomorrow who knows they may come for you too ….

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A lawyer with more than 20 years of experience; an avid student of domestic and global political movements, and the ramifications of geo politics in international relations ; also keenly involved in the quest for discovering the true history of the Indian freedom movement.
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