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Baranidharan S

BRICS expansion: A path to a more inclusive and resilient global economy

The expansion of BRICS to include these six countries would have a number of political benefits like increasing the diversity of the BRICS bloc, both in terms of geography and ideology.

The Pragyan rover and presence of sulphur on Moon: Why it holds substantial significance

The discovery of Sulphur on the Moon suggests that there may be the potential for life on the Moon, or that it may have been possible for life to exist on the Moon in the past.

India’s economic resurgence in 2023: Unraveling the key boosters

This blog delves into the key factors that are booting the Indian economy in 2023 and how they are shaping the nation's economic landscape.

The impact of EU carbon tax on Indian exports of steel, iron ore, and cement

The EU's carbon tax policy is designed to address climate change by levying charges on imports based on their carbon footprint.

Resilience and growth: The evolving landscape of India’s modern economy

Despite facing various challenges and uncertainties, it has managed to maintain a steady trajectory and demonstrated the potential for further development. Here are some key aspects highlighting the resilience and growth of the Indian economy

Twin merging in the Indian banking industry: A catalyst for growth and transformation

Twin merging in the Indian banking industry holds immense potential to drive growth, innovation, and resilience.

Can CBDC assist and support the growth and development of the Indian economy?

India is one of the countries that have been exploring the possibility of implementing a CBDC.

Are Indians utilizing surplus money effectively?

There is still a significant portion of the population that is not able to effectively utilize their surplus money due to a lack of financial literacy and access to financial services.

Is CBDC kicking out the crypto?

If all private bank deposits were transferred to CBDCs, conventional banks would be forced to act as "loanable funds intermediaries" under the control of the central bank.

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