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Are you ready to get muddy to fight with pigs?

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for the cold and wet aftermath of the civilisational war that is happening? To win?

Then take a pause, as it is of utmost importance. It refuels both soul and mind to re-asses the situation, to see how things are going, to weigh your approach and how to mend the ongoing situation. Britishers never won themselves any territory in one strike. How did one nationalistic party changed their tune in one strike? What made them compromise their morals or are we Hindus meant to be like this? Is this what we inherently are, an infighting religion which will never fully regroup? Everything will have to be re-assessed. If history has taught us anything, it is to always look at the mistakes committed in past and so we must look carefully into the past in order to build a happy future for ourselves and our next generations. Sometimes studying the opposition makes us aware of our own mistakes.

There are two things which we should admire when we look at the Congress Party. They are unapologetic and they actually care and listen to their vote bank. It is important for a political party’s supporter to know that your vote works the way you want it to. This is important because the so called right wing voted a certain party to solve problems which are close to their heart but fulfillment of those still look distant. Meanwhile, the Left and “secular” who are now languishing at the end of the voters totem pole are still fighting for their supporters with tooth and nail marching along with their marginally influential and very vocal media houses.

The glaring obvious mistake with the so called Right wing media is that they acknowledge too many unnecessary things and do not know or fail to understand the need to shut up. The question arises, why do Right wing media have not yet performed to their potential? Because they fight on the turf of left wing media. The left media knows the pitch very well because it is theirs, prepared and nurtured by them. They know every twist and turn. You are playing by the rules set up by them and you give legitimacy to those rules by acknowledging it. There is no right or wrong when the goal is to end the other. Are you clear about the goal or do you want to co-exist? Because the other side are cannibals.

To fight a pig one has to get dirty. The perception of right and wrong which the so called Right Wing media and general populace adhere to and justify themselves accordingly is fundamentally wrong. You have been given only the power to justify yourselves on the merits which your opposition have defined as right and wrong. So you simply have to stop playing by not acknowledging their rules. Instead of counter attacking and proving them wrong, speak only about what you think is right. Let them attack your views. Those few jokers which were ousted from their media houses would have languished in uncertainty if you would have stopped attacking them. Those tweets and youtube videos that you retweet and comment on in order to humiliate and prove them wrong only widens their reach of bigotry and radicalism. You give them views and voice by merely acknowledging their existence. Stop it.

Now you have been two very powerful ammunition by Congress, served on royal platter. How you use it, is important. Do you have the mettle and skill to use it? You now have been provided with limitless supply of truth, righteousness and mirror polish. Use it liberally and use it everywhere to shut them up. You need not justify anything anymore (if you are still trying to play by their definition of right and wrong). One party’s ego, supplemented by a maverick chair holder have let them unleash something wretched unto the Indian media which was supposed to have ended 43 years ago.

Now if anything happens to non-aligned media houses, their honchos or any related individual, you do not carry any guilt and burden nor have to justify any action or feel ashamed. The best thing will be to not even acknowledge it, not write about it, not tweet about it, good plain ol’ absolute silence but if you have an itch to scratch simply utter the words, what about Arnab Goswami and Sameet Thakkar and let them justify the past actions. You do not have to say anything anymore than that. It will be understood.

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