Sunday, May 19, 2024
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Rohit Kapoor

I am a netizen on Twitter by the profile name @IndianTrainFan and also as an opinionated content contributor to MyVoice.OpIndia forum.

Being a Hindu is tough in 21st century India

As a citizen who is part of India’s Hindu majority, I tend to think that can wonders like AI be of any help towards my community’s civilizational interests? News reports of communal unrest from Nuh in Mewat have disturbed me as a Hindu.

Gems f Bollywood: A revolution in Hindi film viewing

GoB team is accused of spreading a Bollywood boycott agenda by India’s Leftist Liberals. But I am of the opinion that they are only tweeting about Hindumisic content that’s present in the public domain via CBFC certified Hindi film releases.

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