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The bogy of ‘Hindu terror’ & ‘hate speech’

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When will Indians see ‘Taklu Diggi’ of Congress party to start his crying, in the company of the likes of Aziz Burney and Mahesh Ashraf Bhatt, on the non-existence “Hindu Terror” for the 2024 general elections propaganda of the anti-Hindu Congress party? Digvijay Singh refuses to understand that Hinduism and Terrorism are mutually exclusive.

The term “Hindu terror” was first invented and used by the Congress party under its own government in the aftermath of the 2007–2008 Islamic terrorist attacks in Samjhauta Express and Malegaon to defame the BJP as a terrorist organization.

The “Hindu Terror” propaganda of Congress party had the blessings of Sonia Gandhi and was peddled by the top-ranking Congress leaders like Sushil Kumar Shinde, P Chidambaram and Digvijay Singh et al. A prominent reference to “Hindu terrorism” was also made by Congress leader Digvijay Singh in the campaign of 2007 Assembly elections in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh. 

It is a well-known fact that Islamism and Congress have Choli Daman Ka Rishta since pre-independence days. Aziz Burney and Mahesh Ashraf Bhatt are case-studies to explain the malicious nexus between Islamists and Congress party in India. Congress party, even today, thinks that by being anti-Hindu, covertly and overtly, it can win the general elections of 2024 with Muslim votes alone.

Aziz Burney has been a recognized anti-Hindu Urdu journalist and very close to the Congress party. He was an official member of the Indian delegation which accompanied PM Manmohan Singh to France and Egypt during 2009. In December 2010, Burney launched his new book “26/11, RSS Ki Saazish” both in Delhi and Mumbai. To express solidarity with Islamists, the then General Secretary of Congress party Digvijay Singh released the said book at both places. This was happening when the Indian court had given the death sentence to Ajmal Kasab, the lone surviving Pakistani terrorist of 26/11, seven months back.

Mahesh Ashraf Bhatt, the Hindi film director, was born to a Muslim mother and Hindu father. He later converted to Islam and became a very vocal Islamist like all neo-Muslims. He is expert in sugarcoating Islamic Jihad in public forums. His hatred for Hinduism and Hindu nationalism is well known.

The followers of the Congress party fail to see that religion-based terrorism has been the monopoly of the followers of Desert Cult. This community killed, enslaved and converted tens of millions of non-believers in the name of their Sky Daddy through centuries across Asia, Africa and Europe. And surprisingly, those barbaric and violent activities were sanctified by their religious scriptures.

One can understand the Islamic agenda of Aziz Burney and Mahesh Ashraf Bhatt. But how a Hindu Congress leader like Digvijay Singh could become mentally Islamist (remember his Osama-ji and Hafeez-ji?) for political reasons? His politics is for crushing Hindu Dharma? Well, this can happen only in India. The fact of the matter is Hindu religious scriptures do not advocate violence and aggression against non-Hindus. It has no concept of proselytization, apostasy and political expansion. 

To boost-up the self-created and non-existent “Hindu Terror”, the Muslim-centric Congress party has created another lie of “Hate Speech” in collaboration with Islamists. Any criticism of Islam and anti-Hindu activities of the Muslims is labelled as “Hate Speech” by Congress and its cronies. Indian Supreme court has also come forward in October 2022 to support Islamism in India in the guise of preventing / stopping the so-called “Hate Speech”.

The part-time politician and Prince of Congress party, Rahul Gandhi, has taken this fake issue of “Hate Speech” (by Hindus towards Muslims) to another level by opening his God-knows-what imaginary “Mohabbat Ki Dukan”. But in respect of “Hate Speech”, Rahul Gandhi and his Islamist-Leftist gang were deliberately following “Bagal Mein Chhora, Gaon Mein Dhindora”.

During the rule of Congress party under Rajib Gandhi, Metropolitan Magistrate of New Delhi Shri Z.S. Lohat in his judgment of 31 July, 1986, pronounced “With due regard to the holy book of ‘Quran’, a close perusal of the ‘Ayaats’ (verses) shows that the same are harmful and teach hatred and are likely to create differences between Mohammedans on one hand and the remaining communities on the other.” He cited 24 verses of Quran which promoted enmity, ill-will, hatred, deception, fraud, strife, robbery and murder. [Source:].

As an example, in Quran 68:13 Allah reveals about non-believer (Kafir) to be “brute – on top of all that – an illegitimate child”. [Source:]. This is not any random or isolated verse. There are more than two dozen of such uncouth, violent and hatred-filled verses in Quran for the Kafir. Islamic apologists try to side-step those hate-filled verses of Quran for the Kafir by resorting to “context”. But, none of them comes forward in public to disown those verses in today’s context.

To have a better understanding about the violence and hatred-filled anti-Kafir Quranic verses and its legal side in India from 1985 to 2021, one can visit the following link:

Had there been any ‘Hindu Terror’ and ‘Hindu Hatred’ towards non-Hindus, at least one-third of the world would have been Hindu countries today and Congress-Islamist gangs would not have any Mughals or Brits to eulogize. What violence and Shuddhi ceremony (Ghar Wapsi) one sees from Hindu side today in India is reactive in nature. This has developed after centuries of subjugation, conversion, enslavement and destruction of Hindus and their religious places by the Muslims.

Even after getting their Islamic Pakistan from British India 76 years back, the Islamists of independent India got engaged in extracting more Islamic pounds of flesh. Congress, Communist and most of the so-called regional secular political parties are still pampering Muslims and playing the tune of Islamism in India.

The paradigm shift in Indian politics, after independence, came in 2014 when Modi became the Prime Minister of BJP led NDA government at the centre. From day one, Modi started pushing a no-nonsense governance in India. Modi broke the colonial hangover of Congress and its allies in the corridor of power-politics of Lutyens Delhi. Modi revived the Sanatani soul of India and its pride. Days of lavish government funded Iftar parties and Ganga-Jamuni Tehjeeb were gone.

With the rise of Hindutva politics in India from 2014 and its further endorsement by the countrymen in 2019, Islam-centric Congress and its allies have lost the functioning of their brains. They became a lot of wandering political lunatics. With no clue to counter Modi and BJP, they have resorted to foul-mouthing Modi and mock Hindus and Hinduism.

Congress is like an old and dying lion today. Among its two calves, Pappu is a part-time politician, whose only qualification is Familial Entitlement and Pappi is an alcoholic. Though the likes of Digvijay Singh, Jairam Ramesh and Mallikarjun Kharge et al are trying to make the old lion feel like a mane, the hyenas of Islamists, Marxists and Missionaries are nibbling the old lion from all sides.

The first two of the four reasons reported by A K Antony Committee for the debacle of Congress party in 2014 general elections were: (1) the strategy of pitching the Lok Sabha polls as a battle between secularism and communalism, and (2) general perception of minority (Muslim) appeasement by the Congress party. After almost 10 years, Congress has not shifted an inch from its above two attributes.

To score some secular points before 2024 general elections, Congress is now calling its own Ex-PM (1991 to 1996) P V Narasimha Rao a Hindu communal. It also continues with its Muslim appeasement by opposing Ram Janmabhoomi case, abrogation of Article 370 and enactment of CAA.

It fails to accept that Indian politics has changed forever from the Nehru-Gandhian fraudulent Muslim-centric secularism to Hindutva-vadi nationalism. Thus, the more anti-Hindu Congress party, Communist parties and so-called secular regional parties try to be, the more anti-India those become.

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