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Overview of General Elections for 26th Lok Sabha

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Trolling Monk
Indian, Karnataka roots, Ronaldo fan, Right to Commonsense activist

The year was 2069. Time for another general election. The scenario was almost similar to 2019 general elections for India’s oldest political party Indian National Congress. But their principle opposition has changed. Once their biggest opponents who almost wiped them out of the political map of India, the Bharatiya Janatha Party is struggling for existence. The president of the party, Joseph Vadra (Grand nephew of Rahul Gandhi, party president till 2023) had to quit yet another safe seat of family, Wayanad and contest from Nagaland one of the few seats in the country where a minority community, Christianity is still in majority. With 60% Christians and 1% Hindus this was one of the seats INC is expected to win (Note that the corresponding numbers were 89% and 6% respectively in 2019).

The ecosystem that INC had carefully nurtured in media and establishment was ruthlessly dismantled by the present government when they first came to power in 2044. All the intellectuals who supported the Congress party from generations, have either been jailed, exiled or executed. The Hindus who failed to consolidate behind BJP during their golden period are the worst hit community with almost 4-5 abductions of their minor girls from the Islamic majority youth and are forcefully converted. Police are helpless and can’t register a compliant since conversion of infidels is allowed under Sharia laws.

The economy is in doldrums. The inflation is at an all time high of 60%. 1 US dollar is costing 465 Indian rupees. To overcome this the Government has levied 96% as Jiziya tax on infidels. However as infidels don’t own any business and also with only 5% of total population the revenue generated through Jiziya is too less. The local Imams own most of the land and even faithful Muslims are fighting for basic needs. How did all this happen?


Emergence of Islamic Republic of India

BJP, had bet big on consolidation of votes of the then majority community, the Hindus. Hence when Hindus became minority in most Lok Sabha seats by 2039 elections the first casualty was BJP party. Their image of Hindu party meant that they were the first party to get annihilated when Hindus became minority in this country.

By 2044 the alliance of IUML and AIMIM formed the government and in next five years they expanded so much that they were able to change the Constitution of India. Today in 2069, the Islamic Republic of India is governed by Sharia Law. The likes of Tejdeep Sardesai, Brinda Dutt, Jayesh Kumar etc., the media honchos in the present day India, tried to create a narrative of oppressive majority community terrorizing a helpless minority community, a trick they learnt from their respective grandparents. However unlike their predecessors this narrative was actual truth. They however forgot that unlike their grandparents who lived in a secular democracy they are now living in Islamic republic. Hence they were all charged with Blasphemy. Few traditionally rich Journalists like Brinda Dutt managed to flee the country, now writes in foreign publications on the pathetic conditions of minorities in Islamic republic of India. However, unlike during 2020s there are no liberal echo Chambers in India to amplify the noise created by her.


In 2049 IUML and AIMIM merged to form a new political party Gazwa-E-Hind Majlis (GHM) after passing new Constitution for Islamic Republic of India based on Sharia law. They handed over rest of Kashmir to Pakistan. Since India was also declared an Islamic country and became a permanent member of OIC (Organization of Islamic Countries) Pakistan announced an MFN status to India which was promptly reciprocated by India as well. India has since then drastically pulled back significant forces from Western borders and has deployed them in internal areas to control the unrest created by minority Hindus demanding right to practice their religion.

With almost 90% Islamic majority the GHM’s manifesto promises unification of all 3 Islamic Countries of Pakistan, Bangladesh and India into one Gazwa-E-Hind. Though they anticipate opposition from Bangladesh the combined military of India and Pakistan is said to be capable of defeating Bangladesh’s army and annex the country to Gazwa-E-Hind’s fold.

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Trolling Monk
Indian, Karnataka roots, Ronaldo fan, Right to Commonsense activist

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