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Let us not mollycoddle Modi, and close our eyes. Let us prescribe the Right Wing tenets and list out “things to do by Modi” in next 5 yrs!! After all Modi is a sevak of this Vedic Land

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Krishna Baalu Iyer
Krishna Baalu Iyer
Columnist, poet, Activist-Heritage lover, Ancient Indian History, Architecture Twitter @IndusSpirit

“To build a Right-wing Ecosystem would be to replicate a Left-wing ecosystem. Nothing could be more tragic. Ecosystems are tribes. Sooner or later ‘they’ demand their pound of flesh”
Anand Ranganathan

“Left has failed, but the ‘Right’ does not understand Modi as well.
Rahul Roushan.

“I could not agree less” with both these mesmerising captions of the two write-ups of the respective authors that appeared on OpIndia’ recently, but both are to some extent misleading and confusing the readers. At the very outset, the “theorem” should be “other way” round. Modi is supposed to follow, obey and execute the Right Wing ideology but Modi should not have dominion over Right Wing Ideology. Modi himself is not an ‘Ism’ akin to Right Wing, but Modi is reckoned to be a devotee of RW ideology for his membership in the BJP. Or else the very purpose of a Political Ideology, when chosen through a democratic way, will be defeated without accomplishing the task. Modi being a charismatic leader is limited to leading the masses like Moses, but while implementing the Right Wing ideology, he can not make amendments, adjustments, compromises and swappings for political gains and at the cost the very core Indic values.

So, the question of the ‘Right’ not understanding Modi, shall not arise at all in the first place.The task is, the unification of India, by placing Nationalism above and fair treatment of all citizens regardless of their religious, linguistic and cultural affinities. Most importantly the top priority should be, protection of ‘Hindu Ism’ the Indic Values’. Sanatana Dharma and its associated practices of faith and Indic way of existence in this land should be shielded, protected and be made impeccable by Law. Hinduism and its associated Indic icons, Values and practices, should be declared as the principal feature of India in conformity with the Constitution of India. How it can be achieved I have explained below.

At the very rise of this debate, there should have been a strong and unmistakable ‘Political Right Wing ideology’ in place in India. Sri Narendra Modi by persona is not an ism or ideology by himself. Long ago when the liberal media dubbed Modi’s histrionics as “Moditva’, that exposed the height of their folly. Bestowing an established doctrine to any Political statesman (except to its author) is not only wrong but also leads to sycophancy. Modi is at best an able leader and a thespian. His duty is to impart Nationalism and defeat the corrosive Left ideology with the help of Right tenets. The Right Wing ecosystem is a must network on Social and Mainstream media now, but when we say ‘ecosystem’ it is not akin to the prevalent Left ecosystem. The Right Wing ecosystem should work accepting financial assistance only to the extent to meet the infrastructure and working capital requirements, but not to extend for buying brains and countering anti-Right, with money power. The reason is ‘the future Right Wing’ in India would include Intellectuals from Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists and Jains. The trouble may arise from the quarters of the usual suspects like Muslims and Christians in view of their faith’s Abrahamic origin. Then the Indic Right would tell them, ‘see don’t interfere in ‘our’ matters, and take a guarantee, from ‘us’ as well, that ‘we’ too, do not interfere in your matters. Yes yes, this means a ban on conversions too. Let us see later about this.

So, the RW ideology should guide Modi but not to be overpowered by the ‘self’ of the Modi in reverse. So once a solid and impeccable Right Ideology is devised by the RW Intellectuals (that is the need of the hour), Modi has to simply follow it for the good of the nation. It is like Captain Phillipe to save this nation from the turbulence of the rough sea, pirates and piranhas. The Captain’s role is in the cockpit.Right-wing ideology should only be an inspiration to Modi, though it was primitive and unripe in 70’s 80’s and till late 90’s. It was a mess then (and even now). It would be interesting to know the truth why millions like me, became Bhakts of Modi just before 2014 elections? Though I consider myself a committed Right Wing ideologue since the age of 14, I saw Modi in 2014 as a hope. It was hope. Hope. Just hope. Because When we are admiring Modi, we are not admiring Modi’s, beard or his physique or even mannerism or personality, but his duty-bound pledge that was deemed to have taken by Modi, to achieve the enforcement of RW Ideology. To be frank, it is not ‘fulfilment’ either, but ’empowering’ the RW ideology as the RW Ideology is still under attack from anti-Hindu quarters in the pretext of ‘secularism’.

We did trust Modi in 2014, chiefly hoping that the Indic Values will be protected and edified during his rule. This is particularly so when Atal Bihari Vajpayee spent his 5 yrs time, doing much on development, but nothing concrete for the Hindu and Indic values and beliefs. He spent his time pampering the Liberals, feeding the Left-ecosystem and almost ended like a Congress rule. So where Vajpai had failed, Modi should not. As far as Indian Political turf is concerned, Left-wing ecosystem was formed chiefly to defeat and decimate the Nationalism, Hindu affinity and Hindu values in this part of the world. The Left vouched to protect and justify the bigotry of Abrahamic religious followers in India. Hence the clash was inevitable. However, this Left ecosystem hoodwinked the Hindus and Hindu intellectuals for well over 6 decades.

A Hindu was condemned, not only for his beliefs but also for the reason, Hindus being in the numerical majority in India.

So, what would be Modi’s dos and don’ts in the coming days
1) He should not be a hesitant road crosser
2) He should not be pusillanimous and backtrack after every policy decision is taken, in the event of heavy criticism by the liberals
3) He should Ignore the Liberal media.

What should be the strategy?
First of all, like an operating system in the Computers, there should be a driving force to emotionally unite the citizenry; So, the ‘Sanskrit’ language is apt as a driving force and power supply to the entire nation. The Sanskrit language should be promoted in a big way and on large scale, with the active support of the Modi Government. The Sanskrit language should echo throughout the nation. Sanskrit should be celebrating on every opportune moment in a gala manner. Sanskrit should be made compulsory in Schools. Sanskrit Dramas should play, movies should be made, academia should debate in Sanskrit. Sanskrit should be made our National language. Sanskrit should be our proud icon. To accomplish this task, the Govt should take two steps. A strong and powerful Sanskrit Board to be created. A separate cabinet rank Ministry should be created. Under this Ministry, the Board shall function. This step will reinvigorate the people and instil one-ness among them. This will create a proud feeling among the people and that feeling will constantly recall our 10,000 yrs old proud cultural historicity to keep the nation moving.

Media Policy
BJP Government’s media policy should be overhauled in totality. Media policy would be a two-part implementation.1) By strictly controlling the so-called liberal print and electronic media through a separate law the atmosphere of hate and false apprehensions can be eliminated. This law should prevent fake news, spin doctoring, smear and rumours, and restore peace in the society. After this step, the Govt should adopt a strict gag order. This gag order will decide which media houses the Government should ignore officially and chose a couple of media houses for official interaction. In the absence of such a practice in the past, our Finance Minister was frequenting NDTV to chat on Government policies. The NDTV was neither a popular channel with highest TRP nor an accredited TV News channel to engage with. A couple of days ago, before the election results were announced the private media channels were playing around. The Journo Mr Rahul Kawal was notorious among the anti-BJP coterie. Yet our PM had to engage them during the polls. One may argue that such interactions were necessary for mutual benefits, but it is nothing but amounts to compromising on the ideological front.

Improving the Judiciary-stalling Judicial audacity on Hindus beliefs.
The Sabarimala verdict of the Supreme Court had thrown several hidden chunks on the floor. This has indeed shocked and hurt the Hindus.  While ruling on the matter, the bench had ignored the prevalent Hindu traditions and reprimanded the community in hasty manner disregarding the basic judicial principles. Serious thought should be given by the Government to prevent a repeat of such a scenario in the future.

Right from the Judgment of the Supreme Court on Sabarimala matter in September 2018 to till January 2019, the Prime Minister and the Home Minister could not speak up their mind officially or personally. This was solely due to the fear of media bullying. Such a situation should be avoided in future. This is possible once the Hindu beliefs and practices are legally protected as suggested here.

A “Blasphemy Law” to protect Hinduism, Hindu beliefs and Indic icons and practices are enacted.
The first and foremost initiative that Modi should takeup is to pass stringent legislation, prohibiting blasphemous acts against Hindu and Indic beliefs, worships and practices as a non-bailable criminal offence punishable independently under the proposed new act. My inspiration for this suggestion is our neighbour country ‘Myanmar’. Myanmar protects its majority Budhhists in more ways than other countries. The missionaries run Schools across India are openly and brazenly picking up Hindu kids, insulting them for their Hindu practices, religious dress, forehead lines, black Ayyappa Dresses etc. The Hindu parents of such ravaged kids were made hapless losing moral support as their case is no body’s case/ So media, NGO’s and Political parties ignore such incidents in a deliberate manner.

To strengthen, modernise and expand the Archeological Survey of India and grant sufficient funds for more excavation into the pre-Harappan era. I faced a terrible embarrassment last year. Being a writer and columnist, I took up small research on the last year findings of a ‘Chariot’ relics by ASI in Bhagpat UP. I wrote a small piece on it, yet before writing the piece, I visited the ASI Website to gather more information on it. I was so excited by the findings but when I opened the site I was shocked. Though I frequently visit this web site, on that particular day I was severely embarrassed. No news of the ‘Chariot’ findings. No photographs. No articles, opinions, blogs on it. It turned out to be a dumb web site. One particular post on the home page of ASI did attract me. That was a tender notice for construction of cycle stands in the ASI office premises”- What an embarrassment?

Within 24 hrs of this news hitting the Internet, hundreds of foreign enthusiasts started online discussions on the findings but must have disappointed with our own ASI portal.Public Places, Airports, Railway Stations, Bus terminals, Tourist spots, should be filled with Hindu heritage photos, banners and cutouts.When I was in Mumbai Sahar Airport on duty as an Air Customs Officer (1989-92), AirPort was adorned with huge photos of Indian heritage building photos, Ajanta, Ellora, Swamy Narain temple photos etc. The foreign tourists were thrilled by these photos and by my name ‘Krishna’. Later this heritage display has been completely stopped by the Government due to the advent and penetration of liberal’s anti Hindu stance.The much-debated Hindu Temples Heritage and its mismanagement.This is a perennial and raging issue for Hindus. One single legislation from the parliament should end this Government control over 20 lakh Hindu temples and its income.

Modernising Hindu temples by removing ‘cash collecting Hundi’s and other sources of money collections in Hindu temples should be the priority.
For cleanliness, Coconut breaking should be banned. Modi should bring a “modern outlook and ambiance in Hindu temples.Hindu Temples should serve as a source and place of Hindus congregation for unity. In fact, in olden days, the heritage Hindu temples were being used by Kings to mobilise the peoples and conducting cultural events. This is the reason many south Indian temples have huge spaces around the main deity with 20 ft high walls. BJP Party should constitute a high tech in house espionage team to keep a watch on anti-Hindu and Anti India forces among the opponents to counter their subversive plans (This should be apart from official NIA). BJP is always weak and meek on this front. I was highly critical of this drawback of the party, despite huge funds at their disposal. Because in the past on several occasions BJP was rudely shocked and awakened while napping. So, to remain as a strong right-wing party a strong internal espionage team is a must.

MSM too to be taken care of, for its fake news propaganda.
From the beginning, the BJP strategists were euphoric of Social Media and Right Winger’s domination on it. But this misleads the party time and again, as the MSM is still active and powerful in deceiving the intelligentsia.

MSM is still an active stakeholder in Pseudo secular and anti-Hindu propaganda. The corporate take over of print media or corporate bodies is the only answer. If this does not work, Right-wing parallel print publications should come out in a big way to diminish the left echo system.

A  National Advisory Council type of advisory council to be constituted by the NDA 2 Government exactly on the lines of UPA’s NAC to formulate and implement Right-wing ideology.
This is time to pick up brilliant and learned Professors, Journalists, Writers, research scholars from all over India and form an advisory council named as “National Advisory Council for revamp of Indic and Hindu heritage’ or the similar. This council will study elaborately the present standing of Indic and Hindu heritage and suggest for the renaissance.Rewriting of Indian History I hope the work is underway.

Construction of Ram Mandir at Ayodhya
This is essential for the future unity of Hindus all over the globe. It should be the Mecca for Hindus. BJP Government should explore all possible legal, political and campaign strategy to achieve this goal.

Strengthen the Sedition Laws and redefine the phrases like Sedition and Treason so as to impart some gravity for the seemingly naive looking opinions like that of the  ‘tukd tukde gang’ It is right time to redraft the sedition laws and rephrase the treason definitions to include every naive looking anti-national’s simple sounding ‘opinion’s and slogans to legally mean as “treason” and sedition.

As I have written in my previous write-ups, that Government’s failure to ignore the grave misdeeds of Navjot Singh Sidhu, Mani Shanker Iyer and Shekhar Gupta will not only send a messy message to the nation, but such shameless leaders would grow in strength, by taking advantage of the Government’s pusillanimity.

Invitation to Kamal Hassan by the PMO was a psychotropic blunder
So, at least by now all of you must have understood what I was all along whining for? Do not succumb to the mind game of the liberals. Kamal Hassan deliberately picked up Nathuram Godse as planned by his mentors, the Missionaries. One must know that Kamal Hassan and most of his family members (being an Iyengar Brahmin family) are actively involved in propagating Christianity. His dubbing of Nathruam Godse as Post Independent India’s first Hindu terror was a deliberate attempt to strengthen his and the Christian Missionaries position in South India.

His active association with the Missionaries and his biased attack on Hindus should have deterred the PMO from inviting him. This gives a wrong message to the Hindus, well before Modi swearing-in. This shows Mr Rammadhav is in no way near Modi to advise him on this wrong step of the PMO and the President. When Christian YSR was ruling the united AP then, he succeeded in converting lakhs of Telugu people to Christianity. His son Jagan now rose to power and will be ruling the AP for another 5 yrs. One can imagine the extensive damage in store for Telugu Hindus.

This piece of my writing may reach our Hon’ble Prime Minister and I am optimistic that the PM may pay attention to these suggestions.

Krishna Baalu Iyer

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Krishna Baalu Iyer
Krishna Baalu Iyer
Columnist, poet, Activist-Heritage lover, Ancient Indian History, Architecture Twitter @IndusSpirit
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