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Most afraid community- who are labelled as ‘the saffron terrorist’

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Feeling exultant that I’m Hindu, that does not mean that I contemplate myself superior to others, but also I do not accept the opinion of inferiority from any other religion. I’m not able to conserve my religion, moreover acknowledging that Hinduism will only persevere when it grows with time. However, in the path of reform, I think as a community we are losing the way of why we want to reform, that is to preserve it and not to forget it. 

Should we need it now? Should we discuss this openly? Should we need to discuss this? Are we competent or mature enough to discuss Casteism, Untouchability, Reservation, Fraud Religious Gurus…? The response to all questions is YES and I think we want it stronger now than ever. We have to discuss to save the religion and publically because religions are not an individual entity but always been a public entirety and in last we can never become mature or competent if we continue waiting.

As a citizen of India, we all consider Hindu being the majority community within the nation will not be afraid of anything but that’s not true, certainly, we are the most afraid community in the region and even in India. While people conclude that having a Strong-Hindu leadership in the Center Administration deliver our community power and strength, but that’s not accurate at all, several disagreements in ourselves are making us more vulnerable as a community and could endanger our religion in the upcoming time. The problem is not we have disagreements but that we are not even willing to address them. Casteism, economic divide, untouchability, reservations, changing culture and practises every day, etc., making our religion hollow from the core, while our exterior appearances shinner than before with foreigners practising our religion and the whole world accepting Yoga.

With every passing day, we’re disremembering our religion (as other people say Modernising Hinduism). Half the youth in Hindu family does not admit their religion with pride and dignity because of the dread of being judged as casteists or fascist and others half put their caste superior to the religion and other castes these situation resulting in creating a divide. Since we are keeping these differences privately and passing them unconsciously to the newer generations and it only deepens the divide besides if we are to believe that Lord Ram or Krishna name could unite us till the end then we will be deceiving ourselves.

We haven’t have forgotten Lord Ram or Krishn because they have their distinct good character in how they have lived their life and we can only save Hinduism if we give it its novel character. They were never manifested to be cherished but instead to show us the path to accomplishing life which we certainly have skipped. If we closely observe the various manifestation of gods on earth, there has been a revolution in the teaching with each manifestation keeping the spirit of “Karma” the same because, from the inception of our religion, it recognises the power of adapting with time and situation.

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