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Why many Indian Hindus are openly anti-Hindu

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In India, religious teaching in childhood is standardized and compulsory for Muslim children. This is done either in home by a visiting Maulvi or in Maktab. The psychological regimentation of Muslim kids, in respect of Islam, occurs as a part of Islamic traditions in their tender age. Ulema, community elders and elders in the family positively encourage the kids to inculcate and respect the values, teachings, ideals and practices of Islam in childhood. When these Muslim kids grow up, they proudly harbor a concrete and staunchly religious identity and behavior. There is nothing bad about it, if it does not clash with the interest, peace and safety of the country and its population.

In contrast, Hindu kids in India, barring a few exceptions, grow up without any such indoctrination. Religion remains as an unimportant appendage in their growing age. Hindu community in general and familial elders in particular also remains non-engaged with their kids in the question of Hinduism, its philosophy and teachings. Unlike Ulema and Maulvi, there is no control of Hindu Priests on the Hindu kids for making them know and understand about Hinduism. Hindus don’t have anything like Maktab or Maulvi either. Thus a Hindu kid grows to be a youth without knowing about his Dharma, least to know about other religions. Hindu festivals come and go every year as celebratory and happy ceremonies only. The celebration part is so dominant that Hindu youths remain ignorant about the values, beliefs, teachings and ideals of Hindu Dharma.

With such background when a Hindu girl or boy gets admitted in JNU, Jamia Millia Islamia, Jadavpur University or likes of educational institutions, she/he is suddenly exposed to a free environment which also exposes her/him to all types of criticism against Hinduism, Hindu society and its philosophy. What she/he finds is that, many of her/his Hindu senior students, as well as, faculty members are bitter critics of Hinduism. But she/he does not hear anything bad about other religions from them. On the contrary her/his opinion-makers in the educational institution zealously protect Islam and Christianity from any criticism. In such a biased atmosphere, she/he becomes highly vulnerable to become a self-loathing anti-Hindu in coming years without knowing and understanding Hinduism.

This group of Hindu youths increases the size of the Left-Liberal-Secular gang in India. The absence of the concepts of ‘Blasphemy’, ‘Apostasy’ and Shirk in Hinduism encourages the gang to indulge in anti-Hindu propaganda gleefully. Swara Bhasker, Kanhaiya Kumar, Barkha Dutt, Nidhi Razdan, Ravish Kumar, Sangjukta Basu, Ramchandra Guha and Digvijay Singh et al, – the list goes on and on. One will never find a Muslim in India who tells “I am ashamed for being a Muslim” on any Islamic terrorist activity, but there are dozens of Indian Hindu intellectuals, each of whom proudly tells “I am ashamed for being a Hindu” on any selective law-and-order issue. To such gang, Indian Islamists also make entry in due course of time and the gang becomes lethal. The young members of the gang infiltrate academia, media, political parties and other professions in coming years with their anti-Hindu mindset and narrative and the cycle goes on.  

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