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Left Liberals' hypocrisy

यूट्यूबर पुण्य प्रसून वाजपेयी ने क्यों कहा की अब १० नेता शीघ्र जेल भेजे जाएंगे

सारे भ्र्ष्टाचारी घबड़ाए हुए हैँ कि कब किसका नंबर आ जायेगा, कब किसको उसके कुकर्मो की सजा मिलेगी ये कोई नहीं जानता, यदि जानता है तो बस एक शख्श और वो हैँ श्री संजय कुमार मिश्रा।

Why we should debate on Hindu scripture

It’s very easy to make false statements by twisting the facts but its indeed a very difficult thing to digest the truth about one’s own past.

Pakistan’s Indian Muslim obsession continues but recklessly: While they focus on Jahangirpuri, Pakistan burns

The political circus continues in Pakistan but the leadership is amusingly more concerned about Delhi's Jahangirpuri.

The political Jihad by the ‘gang of thirteen’

For the communal violence took place, the left cabal chose to question PM Modi on law & order.

Left wing exposed: Using basic economics [Chapter 1]

Self proclaimed leftist 'scholars' always try to shame us into thinking that we are inferior to them. Shaming us and our beliefs is considered to be a sign of modernity and intelligence in their so called gentry.

“A God who hates” and India

In the Islamist-Leftist friendship, Allah was irrelevant. Both the ideologies ruthlessly control body and mind of the people those have infected. The control mechanism is structured and asserted by designated classes, - Ulema or Party members.

Taliban- Islam- and India

Forget the condition of minorities in Islamic nations, even the common men of Islamic community themselves do not enjoy fundamental freedom of speech and expressions.

Legacy of deceit: A menacing hegemony of ‘two-faced idealists’ in Indian intelligentsia and academia

Time has come to wake up, debunk and repudiate the deceitful portrayal of truth and liberate the Indian academia and intelligentsia from the stranglehold of these 'two-faced idealists' hegemony, otherwise, as someone rightly observed, our ignorance and silence will ensure the recurrence of history.

The liberal trap: India’s Youth is their target

Wokeness in nutshell means getting derailed from practical life and creating fuss about sexuality and pronouns, defending Taliban but ridiculing Indian culture, defending Burqa and Hijab but attacking Hindu marriage rituals in name of smashing patriarchy, and so on.

Why the supreme court must not strike down sedition law in India

Public discourse is being weaponized for political gains by activists, journalists, artists, farmers, trade unionists etc, in India, that takes the shape of hate speech.

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