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The liberal trap: India’s Youth is their target

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Recently a temple was attacked by mob and vandalised in Pakistan. Imran Khan did formality of condemning it on twitter. And Indian liberals started pouring love for him. They were saying “at least he is condemning and acknowledging”. An article in Washington Post normalised it by writing that it happened due to provocation from Hindu side, otherwise Hindu Muslim live “harmoniously” in Pakistan.

There were about 428 temples in Pakistan during partition, now only 20 are left. Hindu minor girls getting abducted and married to Maulanas is unfortunately a regular occurrence there. Hence this fake “harmony” drama is salt on wounds of such victims.

Conveniently denying the reality, fascism fighters and wokes of India will get convinced by such narratives and will wait for next temple to get demolished so that they can repeat the same cycle. The narrative is spread such that now people speaking about it will be pushed in guilt trip for communalising a “mere” act of vandalising. And those speaking for victims will have to be defensive and prove that they aren’t an Islamophobe, notice the shift.

Pakistan is obviously an adverse place to live for any sane human being in general, but situation becomes more challenging and brutal if you are a Hindu because the country’s very existence is based on visceral hatred toward Hindus. But what about India? Let’s go through some examples from our own country where Ganga Jamuni Tehzeeb has made the soil so fertile that Hindu temples automatically develop “Gumbad” on them like Gyanvapi Mosque!

Recently a video went viral in which Delhi Police SHO was seen arguing and bullyiing people objecting to a Mazaar built on Azaadpur flyover(Delhi). SHO Saheb showered the protestors with questions like “who are you” , “who gave you right” and mentioned some legal things to justify it. If I extrapolate this based on previous trends, the legalities will now be used to complicate the issue. From an obvious public place it will become a disputed land. Partial success has been achieved.

Now op eds mentioning things like “how even Hindus used to visit the mazar” will be written by elite liberals. These op-eds will try to impose a perception that the illegal structure is a symbol of inter community cooperation. And disturbing it means disturbing social fabric of India. Due to fear of loosing validation most Hindus will not even dare to speak or write against it in social circle. If you speak, your friends may label you as a Sanghi or BJP IT cell member! Many will suggest you to avoid speaking on such “political” issues! Those suffering from Stockholm syndrome will call it an attempt by politicians to polarise the society for votes, otherwise everything is hunky dory.

Imagine the extent to which Hindus have been tricked in just one small incident. It was simply an encroachment and authorities were expected to remove it. It’s presence on flyover is already a proof. And this is just tip of the iceberg. In between labeling India with words like lynchistan due to few incidents, to appreciating Pakistan despite of almost wiping out Hindus and their symbols, the plight of Hindu community is still lying somewhere, unaddressed.

Grudge against Hindus is such that even tyrants like Mughals are justified, Shivaji who stood against tyrants is belittled! Every sort of arguement under the sun is brought to suppress one fact, that Mughals were invaders. But this chronic grudge against Hindus is presented in such manner that the community whose ancestor faced the era of persecution fall for it. From tender age children are taught how BADSHAH-SALAMAT use to sit on DIWAN-E-KHAAS to listen grievances of people.

If questions about the brutal side of Badhsah is raised then elite class will suggest to not compare them with today’s social standard. Done! successfully whitewashed! But remember Rajputs are demeaned & declared Casteist, retrogressive etc by using none other than “today’s social standards”. This sheer hypocrisy is nothing but again a consequence of hate toward Hinduness. What else is compelling them to proactively defend Mughals or Sultans? The tentacles of this trap has been addressed by central govt to some extent but the rot is deeper and their is long way to go to get rid of the grip.

Children are not taught that if today they are Hindu, it is because either their ancestors escaped influence of islamic invaders or they survived despite of bearing the brunt! Rather they are taught exactly reverse, in their mind it is fed that community in majority is opressor and need to behave in over-courteous and apologetic manner! Every civilization has malpractices, but when it comes to Hinduism only negative side is deliberately highlighted.

This liberal trap isn’t something new, it traces back it’s origin to the time when India was under British rule. Scholars like Max Muller with western supremacist mindset were tasked by Britishers to distort and downplay Indian society (Hindus to be precise) and it’s cultural roots in such manner that people start feeling disgusted about these and it would become easier to impose Christian and colonial values!

These are words of Max Muller himself:
India has been conquered once, but India must be conquered again, and that second conquest should be a conquest by education”.

Britishers left India, but left wing and Islamists grabbed these tricks of trapping, for fulfilling their own purposes. Agenda less Congress party and govt institutions filled with Marxist mindsets only acted as catalyst in this process. As decades passed Hindus were subconsciously taught to be less Hindu, be apologetic about their belief, and feel guilty about malpractices in Hinduism. Meanwhile the so called minority Community was getting appeased and were consolidated as vote bank which would have ability to influence outcome of any election, if a chunk of Hindu vote is added with them. This is still a prevalent formula to come in power for many caste based parties.

When all these things were happening right in front of Hindus, what were they doing as a community? Shockingly nothing much, the community divided on the basis of various fault lines remained busy in mundane things. Just imagine what would have been response of Minority community, had this happened to them! Yes they would have straight forward voted against any such force, but before waiting for elections a Shaheen Bagh would be there in various corners of India to bring undesirable regime on its knees!

We may not notice but there is a whole brigade which use every incident from across the globe only to entrap, persuade and brainwash people, all under the shade of neutrality. The so called neutrality is the biggest asset they own. A prime time anchor of a left wing mouthpiece channel ‘NDTV’ takes no time to label culprits of a street fight as Hindutva goons but didn’t even dared to name Taliban for killing an Indian photojournalist recently. Sense what he want to defend by this act. If he names Taliban and talks about their radical Islamist ideology, he will end up contradicting his own narrative that he has been peddling since last few years. Notice how even in this heinous incidence the narrative was kept in mind while reacting on it. During anti CAA riots, same channel cropped a picture and removed the portion showing a mosque with stones on its roof before publishing. Reason is too well known to mention here.

During the same anti-CAA protest/riot another journalist of an anti Hindu & left wing portal while speaking in AMU said ” ye protest hum usi society ki taraf le ja rahe hain jahan hum sabko shamil karenge, Yaha hum apni ideology se compromise nahi kar rahe hain, hum apni strategy badal rahe hain” . To summarize, she says that they are including everyone in their protest but without compromising with their ideology(Islamic & left wing), this is just a change in strategy. This is very deep statement made in smartly ciphered manner! Including everyone means pretending to be opressed, neutral and secular to take fence sitter section of public onboard, showing their protest as an uprising against “fascism” makes it catchy. Attaching tags like “save constitution” makes it look like a crisis for every citizen of the country. But all of this should be done without compromising with long term agenda, that is religious/ideological dominance.

The dominance has been mentioned here because CAA had nothing to do with existing Indian citizens. It was about rescuing Hindus and other Minorities from Pakistan etc, and opposing it was nothing but sheer hatred against Hindus. Yes there were many other trigger points in past that had accumulated anger within India’s so called opressed minority. Those protest has shown that anything like demographic change, which disturb their long term agenda of dominance, will irk them.

What role a common man can play in tackling them?

All we have to do is to be assertive and unapologetic about our culture and religious beliefs. Always stand to raise your voice if anything goes against your community. Pseudoliberals/seculars will try to label you as hatemonger, but understand that speaking for yourself is no way hateful. Once people start speaking it will get normalised and the stigma attached to it will disappear with time.

Youth is the prime target of the left wing! I assume you can see surge in “wokeness” among them. Wokeness in nutshell means getting derailed from practical life and creating fuss about sexuality and pronouns, defending Taliban but ridiculing Indian culture, defending Burqa and Hijab but attacking Hindu marriage rituals in name of smashing patriarchy, and so on. It makes the person almost an ignorant nuisance in the society.

Hence we should make the young ones aware about things with right perspective. Make them realise that doing productive things and contributing for betterment of the society should be their goal instead of being delusional about some revolution and rigid impractical idealism like “Marxism” while not doing anything except creating mayhem in name of so called protests. Tell them that idol should be likes of Gold medalist Neeraj Chopra, not Kanhaiya Kumar!

Every decision including which party to vote should be made by using distant vision, while keeping in mind interest of the nation along with your personal ones. Our decisions today impacts our coming generations.

Thank you for reading.

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