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The political Jihad by the ‘gang of thirteen’

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From Chaitra Shukladi on 2 April to Ram Navami on 10 April and Hanuman Jayanti on 16 April, the period of the year 2022 was marred with communal violence in Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Gujarat, Jharkhand, Delhi, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Maharashtra. All were connected with Hindu festival celebrations. Muslims were determined not to allow Hindus to celebrate their festivals. The Muslim mobs, including women, indulged in stone pelting, throwing of petrol bomb, firing, burning, and arson in Hindu processions.

Left-Liberal-Islamist cabal jumped in the Social Media and news portals without wasting any time and started peddling fake news blaming Hindus for the violence. NDTV of Prannoy James Roy even promoted ‘Muslim areas’ in India and made those ‘no go areas’ for Hindus. When the evil cabal was exposed, their big brothers from the political field entered into the field.

Communal violence was a law and order problem and came under the respective state government. Moreover out of nine states affected five were non-BJP ruled. The political masters of Left-Liberal-Islamist gang did not ask question to any state government. They did not ask Mamata Banerjee, what she did to pre-empt and control communal violence in West Bengal. Same was the case with Congress Chief Minister of Jharkhand Hemant Soren. They played their old record of blaming Modi and Hindus only.     

Thus a joint statement was issued by 13 opposition leaders, led by Sonia Gandhi, on 16 April 2022 expressing their concern over recent communal violence in different parts of India. The content of the statement was neither spectacular nor unexpected.

The statement accused Hindus as perpetrators of violence and that too they were accused of committing violence under the patronage of BJP government at Centre. Nothing different was expected from those 13 leaders, who and who’s Parties have all along been grossly pro-Muslim and bitterly anti-Hindu.

Congress, under Sonia Gandhi’s spell, has been staunchly pro-Muslims. The old Party did not feel it necessary to re-look at its hatred towards majority Hindus and gradual passage of the Party towards oblivion for that. Among the signatories, the presence of Naxal and Indian Union Muslim League was not really weird. They symbolized the political tentacles of Sonia Gandhi and Congress.

Tight grip of ED and CBI on NCP had compelled Sharad Pawar to oblige the Italian woman, for whom he left Congress decades back. It was never imagined that Mamata Banerjee (TMC) would lose such a golden opportunity to please her “Dudhel Gai” (milk giving cow), who have kept her in power in the state of West Bengal. Her fate was in their hands. She had no other option. M K Stalin of anti-Hindu DMK party from Tamil Nadu used the opportunity to bash Hindi-BJP government for misplaced Dravidian pride.

Congress Chief Minister of Jharkhand, Hemant Soren, was an eager signatory as he hated BJP for his connection with ‘Rice Bag Gang’. Farooq Abdullah (NC), a known Islamist politician from Kashmir valley, increased the Jihadi tune of the statement. Tejashwi Yadav (RJD), a product of M-Y Gang, had a good opportunity to express his solidarity with ‘Fasadi Qaum’. The political broker and disruptive leftist Parties like CPM, CPI, FB, and RSP only increased the nuisance value of the Joint Statement.

Absence of Uddhav Thackeray (Shiv Sena), Ashok Gehlot (Congress), C Chandrashekar Rao (TRS) and Kejriwal (AAP) in the nautanky was expected. While Uddhav was losing Hindu vote base in Maharashtra, Gehlot was losing political grip in Rajasthan. C Chandrashekar Rao was worried about the rise of BJP in Telangana and Kejriwal was scared of showing any more pro-Muslim stand after supporting anti-CAA movement and Delhi riot. So, they remained away from Sonia Gandhi sponsored political Jihad for the time being.   

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