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Blaming Narendra Modi for everything bad

2014 से लोकतंत्र खतरे में है

इसे भारत का दुर्भाग्य कहेंगे कि यहां की माटी पर मुट्ठी भर लोग ऐसे हैं, जो पाश्चात्य विचारधारा का अनुगामी बनते हुए यहां की परंपरा और प्रतीकों का जमकर माखौल उड़ाने में अपने को धन्य समझते है।

The political Jihad by the ‘gang of thirteen’

For the communal violence took place, the left cabal chose to question PM Modi on law & order.

क्या मोदी विरोधी मोदीफोबिया रूपी एक रहस्यमय मानसिक बीमारी से त्रस्त है?

बीजेपी २०२४ के संसदीय चुनाव भी जीतेगी। उसे अपनी जनता जनार्दन पर शत प्रतिशत विश्वास है कि सत्ता कि बागडोर उसे फिर से जनता सौंपेगी और वो अपने देश को पुनः विश्व गुरु के पद पर सुशोभित करने में एक कदम और बढ़ जाएगा।

Why the opposition needs to grow up

The opposition should trust the government, the government should extend it hand to the opposition despite the risk of betrayal because perhaps that is the best way to bring out the best in both and for the nation.

Don’t do anything, Mr. Modi because India is used to of being ruled by those who want to do NOTHING

They don't like Modi doing anything. Why? Because Modi is building a legacy and he is trampling over the only previous legacy in India - that of the one family and party that has ruled India by and large.

Will Prime Minister Modi and his Party overcome the westerly winds?

First the western media targeted Trump and removed him from the chair now they're after PM Modi with all kinds of lies, half truths and false narratives.

News media is instrumental in creating a panic situation in India

The people of India don’t want to wear mask. Why blame PM MODI and call him a failure?

Demonizing Modi: An aggressive self-serving narrative by anti-India forces and woke Indian institutions

Many defunct institutions and anti-nationals of this country have suddenly become woke to preach India's central government, and Modi specifically, lessons of leadership and efficiency.

How much Modi/Center is to be blamed for the current state of health machinery in India?

For the past few days the opposition, left-wing intellectuals, and propagandists have risen and are spreading disinformation.

As pandemic hits mankind in india, anti-Modi ‘vulturekinds’ are back at work

As the nation grapples with the sudden second solid wave of the pandemic, the anti-Modi vultures of India view this as a golden opportunity to vent out their hatred and frustration against PM Modi.

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