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As pandemic hits mankind in india, anti-Modi ‘vulturekinds’ are back at work

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Alok Choudhary
Alok Choudhary
Columnist | Writes on Politics, Society, education | Nation first

Disaster or crisis causes several troubles for mankind. However, in the case of India, it also delivers an opportunity for vulture’kinds’ that love dancing on every death and infected patients in India resulting because of coronavirus pandemic.

As the nation grapples with the sudden second solid wave of the pandemic, the anti-Modi vultures of India view this as a golden opportunity to vent out their hatred and frustration against PM Modi.

Make no mistake by assuming that these anti-Modi vultures make our democracy powerful by hurling tough questions on Modi as they often want you to believe. They are just pointing fingers at PM Modi because all in their lives, they love is to hate PM Modi.

They don’t want our healthcare to improve or want people to get oxygen as they try to pretend. All they love is to release their deep-rooted hate for one man and one party. Have you ever seen such people on social media or around you writing on their social feed about any solution? I am sure you have not, and you won’t ever see them doing this in the future.

However, you will often see such people computing the list of problems that never end for them. Last year, when the nation witnessed the first wave of the covid pandemic, the same sets of people pondered whether Modi would be able to hold this virus.

‘See we don’t have sufficient PPE kits. Oh, now we have but we don’t have them of good quality. God save India under fascist Modi, we don’t have vaccines to fight. Yes now we have vaccines but Modi fascist is doing this to profit crowny capitalist’. Their argument goes in the same way, which is evident today during the second wave of the pandemic. These people simply to hate and humiliate Modi can go beyond any extent even if it requires inventing problems in the solution unleashed by Modi.

Let say these people really want India’s good, and that’s the intent behind their questioning, abusing Modi. But if this is the case, why don’t they question Uddhav Thackrey and Arvind Kejriwal, who were allotted funds from the Modi government one year ago to set up 10 oxygen plants in Maharashtra and 8 in Delhi but miserably failed to install oxygen plants? Please now don’t dare to say that maybe these people are unaware of the fact. Instead, they are all aware, but they love to cheery pick half-baked narrative, sharpening their hatred-filled attack for PM Modi and BJP.

And yes, I don’t feel any obligation to explain about those Modi haters who have been taught in their culture to hate Modi, BJP, and any saffron-wearing people since childhood. For them, it’s a part of their cultural teachings, and they can’t change this pre-installed hatred which is not difficult to understand.

‘Why is India vaccinating so slow? Why is India vaccination so fast? Why is India imposing lockdown? Why India is not imposing lockdown’. The pattern of their opposition to Modi and BJP reminds me of the line of a song from the 3 idiots’ movie ‘Confusion hee Cofusion hai, solution ka koi Patta Nahi.’ The solution brings pain, but if the problems of India continue for a long time, it brings joy and opportunity to target PM Modi because maybe they don’t love PM Modi’s new looking beard or dressing sense if their logic is to be followed. After all, he is a ‘chaiwallah’ or tea seller for them who has steadily been winning the trust of people of India, not those IIT pass out, Standford pass out PM candidates in waiting. This is something that they can’t absorb, and today many of them are even attacking Indian voters declaring that we deserve this coronavirus infection because we voted for Modi.

In the end, these vulture’kinds’ have so much to say, write against Modi, but yet they complain that democracy, free speech is in danger under PM Modi.

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Alok Choudhary
Alok Choudhary
Columnist | Writes on Politics, Society, education | Nation first
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