Friday, April 23, 2021
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Spent over two decades in leading corporates in India and Abroad. Traveled the world and realized the immense damage we have done to our nation, and the indefatigable will of a common Indian to prevail. Currently exploring things that really matter to a common person. Passionate about health, wellness, and social justice. Always on right! Strongly opinionated while being respectful. Wish to see a world where religion doesn't decide freedom, respect, or rights a man or woman enjoys. Follow me at @CommentFromInd

Who is responsible for India’s healthcare blowout?

The typical 'Mera kya' (it doesn't concern me) Syndrome of Indians, which has failed every institution in this country, had failed healthcare too long back.

High time to confront modern Hitler- the Dictator President Xi and his bully country

It can stop our economic progress, it can stop our peace, but it can not break our pride to defend our nation and its sovereignty.

A model to implement political accountability for India’s next phase of development

Govt. structure in India lacks accountability. Each locally elected candidate from LS candidate to a corporator should face the local people of the constituency for transparency and accountability.

Is Delhi the new Kashmir of India?

It is not about CAA, but about the sheer hate India’s Muslims have deep in their heart against 'Kaafirs', aka Hindus.

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