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Don’t do anything, Mr. Modi because India is used to of being ruled by those who want to do NOTHING

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There is a set of influencers in the media whose favourite past time every single day is to wake up and find fault with something that Modi is doing.

Some samples:

Dont build that statue

Dont buy Rafale

Dont build Central Vista

Dont abolish 370

Absolutely dont do anything with Farm laws

Do not legislate CAA

Do not divest any PSU

Do not channel PMCares

Atmanirbhar is a bad idea

Make in India is a bad idea

Bullet train is a bad idea

The pattern is clear. They don’t like Modi doing anything. Why? My favourite theory is this: Modi is building a legacy. At the same time, as he is building a legacy – he is trampling over the only previous legacy in India- that of the one family and party that has ruled India by and large. This party believes it is the natural claimant to leadership in India and often thinks that it is the only claimant and that anybody else- from Morarji Desai to VP Singh to Vajpayee to Modi is but an usurper.

This intellectual class has grown using the tidbits thrown their way by the party, so they defend it with their life. After all their privilege and intellectual ticket comes from here.

Imagine, 20 years later – India is no longer the land of poverty. Modi would have built roads, railways, High speed rail, Bullet Train, Central vista. Farm laws would be abolished. 370 is gone. Cooking gas, 100% electricification, Water – this is one hell of a long list that will easily eclipse any previous legacy.

This is their fear- that the India which is quasi owned by one family will be buried under the mountain of good work done by Modi.

How to spot these people? They only oppose. There is never any constructive criticism. They shout and grieve over everything. What do we do? Ignore them (don’t link), don’t give them the oxygen of publicity and figure out ways and means to drown their propaganda (like Opindia).

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