Thursday, October 21, 2021


Opposition united against Narendra Modi

Is PM Modi most powerful PM in India?

Narendra Modi has not only changed the youth but also he has changed the ideologies of opposition.

आखिर विपक्षि नेता हमारे प्रधानमंत्री श्री नरेन्द्र दामोदरदास मोदी जी से चीढते क्योँ हैं?

दुष्ट व्यक्ति दूसरे की उन्नति को देखकर जलता है वह स्वयं उन्नति नहीं कर सकता । इसलिए वह निन्दा करने लगता है और यही कार्य आज ये विपक्षि मिलकर कर रहे हैं।

Here’s why “United Opposition” will fail against BJP in 2024

The preparations for forming a strong opposition against Narendra Modi may have already started, but, who will be the face of this opposition, the most debate is to be held on this matter. BJP has an undisputed and powerful face in the form of Narendra Modi.

2024 में मोदी का चुनावी मुकाबला किसके साथ होगा?

विपक्ष फेक न्यूज़ का अजेंडा चलाकर देश के खिलाफ लगातार साज़िश को अंजाम दे रहा है और अदालतें विपक्षी दलों के इस अजेंडा के साथ साफ़ खड़ी नज़र आ रही हैं.

Why the opposition needs to grow up

The opposition should trust the government, the government should extend it hand to the opposition despite the risk of betrayal because perhaps that is the best way to bring out the best in both and for the nation.

Don’t do anything, Mr. Modi because India is used to of being ruled by those who want to do NOTHING

They don't like Modi doing anything. Why? Because Modi is building a legacy and he is trampling over the only previous legacy in India - that of the one family and party that has ruled India by and large.

Compliments, criticism or just complaints by Lutyens media and opposition party leaders about Corona virus in India

Is India’s war against the deadly pandemic as bad as the “fake” media and/or political leaders of the non-BJP parties make of it?

Demonizing Modi: An aggressive self-serving narrative by anti-India forces and woke Indian institutions

Many defunct institutions and anti-nationals of this country have suddenly become woke to preach India's central government, and Modi specifically, lessons of leadership and efficiency.

The opposition is long dead

It is ironic that be it the anti-CAA protests or the farmers’ agitation, the opposition has been consigned to the footnotes of the biggest anti-government protests during Modi 2.0.

Pseudo heroes of hypocrisy – Real destroyers of democracy

There appears to be an agenda to malign image of India and destabilize the democratically elected government. They will take up one non-issue at a time and systematically organize fake protests.

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