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Why they hate and abuse Modi?

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There are twelve reasons why Modi is so hated and abused by the Indian Congi-Islamist-Commie-Lutyens gang and its foreign tentacles:

  1. Modi is an unapologetically practicing Hindu.
  2. Modi does not suffer from colonial hangover.
  3. Modi is overtly proud of Indic civilization and its heritage.
  4. Modi works on “India first” principle.
  5. Modi’s report card as PM makes his opponents look dwarf. 
  6. Modi is liked by a good section of educated and common Pakistani.
  7. Modi has struck at the root of dynasty politics in India.
  8. Modi is incorruptible.
  9. Modi does not have any relation or family member to mis-use his official position.
  10. Modi is no “nautanki secular”.
  11. Modi’s all welfare schemes are implemented cutting across the religious lines and without any “minority-based propaganda”.
  12. Modi refuses to eulogise Mughals and Ganga-Jamuni Tehzeeb.

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