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Analyzing the election mandate

There isn't the dominance of a single party in these as AAP has won MCD, BJP has conquered Gujarat and Congress will rule Himachal Pradesh.

Reshuffle in BJP’s apex board & its significance

Names of BJP's parliamentary board members are a big surprise not just for the public but also for the party leaders.

What’s next for Sidhu in Punjab?

Congress, which talked about "Collective Leadership" in the 2022 Punjab Elections, has released a video on its official Twitter account telling, How a CM should be, visibly finalizing Charanjit Singh Channi as the CM Face in the 2022 Punjab Elections.

What made Vijay Rupani resign?

Assembly elections are due in Gujarat in December next year. But around 15 Months before elections, Chief Minister of the state Vijay Rupani has...

Here’s why “United Opposition” will fail against BJP in 2024

The preparations for forming a strong opposition against Narendra Modi may have already started, but, who will be the face of this opposition, the most debate is to be held on this matter. BJP has an undisputed and powerful face in the form of Narendra Modi.

Analysis- What made Yedurappa resign

The reason behind the resignation has not been revealed yet officially, but it is very clear that Yeddyurappa's age is the only reason for the resignation.

Akhilesh in trouble as BJP shines in Zila Panchayat Elections

The Panchayat Elections held in UP were being called the Semi-Finals of the next year's Assembly Elections. Samajwadi Party (SP) had made a dent in the political forts of BJP while batting brilliantly in this Semi-Final.

Kejriwal eyes on Siddhu as AAP weakens in Punjab

With the current leadership, AAP does not seem to be performing well in the state at this time. Apart from targeting CM Amarinder and Badal family, Sidhu has also been strongly raising the case of 2015 Police Firing.

BJP projects Yogi as the countdown for UP2022 begins

The question among voters, who put the equations of religion and caste above everything else, is whether the Hindu vote in UP will remain one-sided?

Despite continuous attacks, Modi stands tall

PM Narendra Modi's global approval ratings has stood at 66 per cent, according to a survey conducted by an American data intelligence firm ‘Morning Consult’.

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