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What made Vijay Rupani resign?

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The Analyzer
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Assembly elections are due in Gujarat in December next year. But around 15 Months before elections, Chief Minister of the state Vijay Rupani has resigned. Following the same pattern, Chief Minister Anandiben Patel had also resigned before the 2017 Elections.

65 Years Old Rupani was made the Chief Minister in August 2016, when 75-year-old Anandiben Patel resigned on grounds of age. It was under Rupani’s leadership that the BJP had won the 2017 assembly Elections despite Patidar Reservation Agitation. Many questions have been raised regarding Rupani’s resignation and here are the prominent reasons, why Rupani resigned:

  1. 1. Central Leadership was not Happy

The main reason for Rupani’s resignation is being linked to his non-performance. Sources are calling it “Course Correction”. The central leadership was not satisfied with Rupani’s performance. The strategy is simple – If there is any protest against the leadership in a state, it should be ended now. Don’t wait for the elections.

2. Sangh’s Feedback

Recently there were reports that the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh is not happy with Rupani. This feedback of the Sangh also went against Rupani. The ground survey of the Sangh shows the resentment created against the Chief Minister. Sources reveal that based on the feedback from the Sangh, the party may change the faces of candidates in at least 50 assembly constituencies in the next elections. Deduction of tickets of many MLAs is bound to happen.

3. Failure to Suppress the Patidar Movement

The BJP removed Rupani just a year before the assembly elections. Even though the party formed the government under Rupani’s leadership in 2017, its seats were reduced to double digits. Rupani was expected to increase Party’s influence in Saurashtra, the bastion of the Patidar movement. When Rupani was elected as the Chief Minister by Amit Shah in August 2016, it seemed that he would suppress the Patidar Movement, but it did not happen.

Rupani’s Resignation Script was Written in Three Phases

1. The work of BJP Leaders was reviewed in the RSS meeting in Ahmedabad in January. After this, Rupani was given a message of Resignation, but he was given time till January-February 2022. If sources are to be believed, the reason for his resignation in September 2021 is the result of the feedback received during the secret meeting of Sangh Chief Bhagwat.

2. If Sangh sources are to be believed, in a secret meeting held on August 28-29, Sangh chief Bhagwat had clearly told Rupani, “Gujarat’s image has suffered Huge damage during the Corona Period.” BJP knew, the more days Rupani remains in office, the deeper will be the voter’s displeasure. Therefore, he will have to resign before the proposed meeting of the RSS on 15-16 September.

3. The Proposed Meeting of RSS in September is the reason behind preponing Rupani’s resignation. In fact, in this meeting, the Sangh wants to prepare a final draft on the election strategy with the new Chief Minister.

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The Analyzer
The Analyzer
Political Analyst. Connect with me on Twitter : @Indian_Analyzer
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