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Analyzing the election mandate

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The Analyzer
The Analyzer
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After a long-drawn tussle between political parties, Results for all major Elections have been announced. There isn’t the dominance of a single party in these as AAP has won MCD, BJP has conquered Gujarat and Congress will rule Himachal Pradesh. Various regional parties have also won in the byelections. These results have huge implications which need to be discussed.

Let’s start with the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD). Aam Aadmi Party has got the majority in MCD while BJP, which has been ruling the MCD for 15 years, has been evicted. AAP again claims to make MCD corruption-free but it has faced defeat in the constituencies of Manish Sisodia and Satyendar Jain, two big ministers of Kejriwal’s Delhi government. This is indeed the victory of AAP but Arvind Kejriwal has lost on the issue of “corruption”.

Kejriwal’s publicity stunt of demanding Bharat Ratna for Sisodiya and Satyendra didn’t go well with the Public. BJP, despite facing 15 years anti-incumbency and lacking strong leadership, has won 100+ sets. This will also be the first time that Kejriwal’s Govt will face strong opposition from BJP as it has over 100 councillors. There lies a strong message for Kejriwal in this mandate that It must not take 2025 for granted. A Revamped & Strong BJP Unit can surely challenge him.

Coming to Himachal Pradesh, as it has come as a big setback for the BJP. It must be said that BJP was not defeated by Congress but by BJP itself in Himachal. Party’s one camp tried its best to sabotage the party from within and party failed to manage it within the campaigning period. Internal Revolt was evident in the byelections of last year as well but no coercive steps were taken in due time by the central leadership too. With the results out, It must be revealed that most of the rebels were contesting against BJP candidates because they were shocked by the behavior of Mr. Nadda. The way allegations were levied upon JP Nadda, I don’t remember it has been done against any previous BJP president ever. Strong decisions shall be taken to end the dynastism and factionalism in Himachal Pradesh BJP for better results in the next election.

Coming to the nightmare of opposition, Gujarat. Amit Shah not only ensured victory for BJP in Gujarat Elections this time but also made sure that it is large enough to outshine the 2017 mandate. BJP’s seriousness for Gujarat can be judged by the fact that PM Modi did a Road Shown in the state on 11 March, just a day after a historic victory in Uttar Pradesh.

This election will also be remembered for the coordination of RSS & BJP on the matter of ticket distribution. Ground feedback from RSS was given a priority in the candidate selection. Amit Shah not just worked backstage to oversee the electoral management but also handled the campaigning by doing 24 rallies in 108 constituencies of the state. PM Modi did 39 rallies which covered over 125 constituencies. His historic last road show was 50-Kilometeres long! This election was a WAVE election and will be remembered for a long.

This mandate has a lesson for every party. BJP needs to learn from its mistakes in Himachal while Congress needs a strong revamp in Gujarat before it gets too late for the 2024 Elections. AAP needs to re-establish its connections in the IB because they are limited to a few traces in HP as well as Gujarat.

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The Analyzer
The Analyzer
Political Analyst. Connect with me on Twitter : @Indian_Analyzer
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