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Analysis- What made Yedurappa resign

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The Analyzer
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On one hand, completion of two years of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Government is being celebrated in Karnataka, on the other hand the Chief Minister of the State BS Yediyurappa has resigned from his post.

Yeddurappa belongs to the powerful Lingayat community of Karnataka. He became the Chief Minister for the first time in the year 2007. Then he was able to stay in the chair only for a week. After this, he was the Chief Minister of the state from 2008 to 2011 but had to resign on corruption charges. After the elections in the state in 2018, he became the Chief Minister for only two days and could not prove his majority. However, later he became the Chief Minister again in 2019 after 13 MLAs of Congress and JDS joined BJP.

There was speculation for a long time about the change of leadership in Karnataka

The reason behind the resignation has not been revealed yet officially, but it is very clear that Yeddyurappa’s age is the only reason for the resignation. Yeddyurappa is 78 years old, so the party wants to hand over the command of Karnataka to a young face.

Yedurappa was made prepared from June to make up his mind to resign. When Shobha Karandlaje, an active MP in Yeddyurappa’s Camp, was included in the Modi Cabinet, Yedurappa’s resignation had become just a matter of time.

BJP top leadership was gappy with Yeddyurappa’s performance as Chief Minister of Karnataka but he was too old for the party to project him as CM in 2024. Happiness of party by his work and belief in Yedurappa could be judged by this that BJP central leadership had asked Yedurappa to suggest names of whomever he wants to be the Chief Minister of Karnataka. In response to this, Yedurappa suggested the name of Basavraj Bommai and now he is the new CM of Karnataka. In meeting with the abbots of the Lingayat community, Yeddyurappa on his own behalf named Bommai among all. His name was approved by the Lingayat Abbots unanimously. Insiders say, Lingayat community did not want Yeddyurappa to resign, but Yeddyurappa had said in this community meeting that it was decided that he would have to work for two years as per the instructions of the high command. Hence he wanted to quit.

Despite various views that BJP leadership wanted to sideline Yedurappa, I am adamant to take it and I think that age is the only factor why Yedurappa resigned

My sources had confirmed that BSY will resign on 26 July when he met Prime Minister Narendra Modi, JP Nadda and Home Minister Amit Shah, a week ago in Delhi. It was made clear that he would no longer continue in his Post.

Right after the meeting, He had says that he is the truest soldier of the party, would resign at the behest of party leadership.

BY Vijayendra is the Vice President of BJP in Karnataka. Vijayendra is Yediyurappa’s son and he has a very strong hold in the party. Sources claim that some important responsibility will surely be entrusted to him now.

BJP will respect Yeddyurappa and he is going to play an important role in the 2024 elections.

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The Analyzer
The Analyzer
Political Analyst. Connect with me on Twitter : @Indian_Analyzer
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