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Is PM Modi most powerful PM in India?

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A popular animation movie ‘Lion King’ was story of a jungle where all animals lived in harmony instead fighting and killing each other under a strong leader. Similar situation is emerging under PM Modi where old political rivals are patching up to live in harmony for political survival.

Opposition united to defeat a single person

Divergent political parties and rivals are patching up against PM Modi

1. Delhi

Under Modi, Kejriwal transformed from atheist or anti-Hindu to religious Hindu. He also transformed from dharna specialist naxalite to nationalist.

Kejriwal trying to modify his image to appeal newer and larger audience
Kejriwal doing what he never he dreamed of doing
AAP Hinduphobics embracing Hinduism

Kejriwal was supporting leftist JNU gang and other anti-Modi forces in Delhi since 2015. But Modi victory in 2019 general election forced Kejriwal to go for soft Hindutwa and nationalism. Kejriwal abused Hindu swastika symbol, Lord Hanuman in his tweets to appease leftist and non-Hindu voters. Kejriwal and his party opposed Modi’s Varanasi re-development plan and Ayodhya temple construction and suggested hospital instead. Now, before UP election, Kejriwal’s team is visiting Ayoghya for pilgrimage. He is tweeting his temple visits pictures. He is anow attending Janmasthumi, Ganesh Chaturthi etc.

Similarly, Kejriwal is trying to be pro nationalist. Before becoming CM in UPA government era, he encroached Rajpath for non-stop dharna in chilling winter for the sake of women’s safety in Delhi. This dharna threatened Republic Day parade and Kejriwal made abusive comments on Republic Day parade. Communists and naxalites always try to undermine and abuse national holiday events and Kejriwal was no exception. Kejriwal refused to chant ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ when other CM’s did so in a recent Independence day ceremony in 2020 and in 2021 Republic day, encouraged Khalistanis to create anarchy in Red fort.

Dharna specialist trying to block Republic Day parade
Now Kejriwal installing Indian flag with high mast poles across Delhi and allocating big budget for it.
Nationalist Kejriwal

2. UP’s‘Bua and Babua’ are working together. Remember the attempt to murder on Mayawati by Samajwadi Party (SP) goons at Lucknow guest house in 1995 and after that she vowed not to have any political understanding with SP.But fear of Modi is forcing ganging up of SP and BSP after two decades. Similarly, SP and congress are ganging up for survival.

Enemies coming together
Once abusing Hinduism now endorsing?

Mayawati, whose popular slogan for last 3 decades was ‘tilak tarazu aur talwar, inkomarojhute char’, is now wooing upper castes, chanting Sanskrit slokas. Perhaps she will start temple visits like Rahul Gandhi soon.

3. In West Bengal, old rivals for many decades and many bloodly violence and massacres committed by them on each other are now forced to work together for survival.

Communists and Congress

Communists fought 2021 state election with rival congress and failed to get a win

Communists in Bengal was forced to celebrate Independence Day for the first time since independence on 15 August 2021 at its Alimuddin Street head office as they see nationalism (or fake nationalism) rising in India. CPI’s 1948 Congress Kolkata session slogan was ‘Yeh Azadi Jhoota Hai’ and CM Jyoti Basu often visited London to avoid Independence day celebration. Tripura CM Manik Sarkar also avoided Independence day, Indian flag at office or table.


Communists who ran the state for 34 years with bloodbath and goon culture, are forced to do public service during Covid-19 pandemic

Mamata Banerjee giving Rs 50000 per Durga Puja clubs from tax payers money this year (2021) which was Rs 10000 in 2018. This way she is appeasing Hindus. She is also forced to visit ‘north Indian gods’ temple which she never did in the past. She used to get irked with ‘Jai Shri Ram’ slogan of BJP and many people including Prof Amartya Sen said he never heard this slogan in Bengal before. They all try to convey that their God is different form north Indian Gods. Godess Durga, Kali, Saraswatietc. are worshipped in Bengalwhile Lord Rama, Lord Hanuman etc. are north Indian Gods!

Mamata Banerjee at Birla temple, Kolkata: Trying to appease Bengli Hindus?

4. & 5. Assam and Kerala – Congress was forced to associated with Muslim League (IUML) in Kerala and AUDF in Assam whom they considered as communal during Nehru, Indira and Rajiv Gandhi era as their support was not needed

6. & 7. Maharashtra and Punjab – The original Hindutwa party before the rise of BJP was Shiv Sena and its supreme leader Balasaheb Thakre was most vocal critic of congress. His son had to made a u-tern and form government with them as he feel more threatened by BJP, its decade long ally. Same is the case of Punjab. BJP’s long term ally Punjab’s Akali dal feels more threatened by rise of BJP and drifting towards some alternate for survival. They are supporting year-long farmers agitation to distance themselves from BJP by opposing the three agro bills.

8. Congress – Rahul Gandhi made temple run during every elections but lost majority of them. Now he has started visiting temple even without elections. Recently he visited Vasihno Devi shrine in J&K and walked all the way to main temple. This means he is working hard and not just doing photo-ops before election. All these changes are due to BJP and Modi.

After Rahul Gandhi’s exit from UP, Priyankya Vadra is handling the state. From living in luxury without any political involvement, she was forced to visit rural areas of UP, performing puja, breaking coconuts, taking dip in holy Ganga river etc.

The last sailor of Congress’ sinking ship?
Why is Priyanka Gandhi indulging into such regressive Hindu practices?

9. Orissa – Perhaps the only politician not affected by rise of BJP and Modi is Orissa’s CM Naveen Patnaik. He is unmarried and hence cannot run the BJD party as a dynastic party. He is neutral to BJP, neither friendly nor rival. He cooperates with BJP and Modi at centre to protect the state’s interest and fights election in state against BJP. He focuses on economic development, industry, mining, export, GST collection, sports infrastructure etc. No doubt, he is regarded as India’s best CM.

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