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Why the opposition needs to grow up

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One must not be in sorrow by the current state of the nation, where old infants sell meaningless hate, one must be in sorrow because people are buying it.

Hearing baseless bad criticism emanate from those in my nation sometimes bothers me more than hearing them from those outside it. So as a centrist myself when I hear liberals speak against legitimate criticisms of Islam and even glorify it as a whole it annoys me. Actually my arguments have very little to do with Islam or being liberal or politically left, the attitude that I criticize seems to more commonly be found among liberals now and I think it’s useful for liberals themselves to criticize them as criticism is often easier to take from those within one’s own group.

By no means one must see P.M. Modi as a Messiah, nor should anyone promote, propagate and profess such notions, a society will survive if there is a legitimate space for criticism of the incumbent nobility. In order to be able to improve the current state of the society, which should be the primary purpose of the opposition and not blame P.M. Modi and the B.J.P for all faults in the society, the opposition must have constructive criticism accompanied by legitimate solutions.

When I see the Indian political state, I feel that there is no motivation within the opposition to improve the ideas put forward by the incumbent government, this exactly reflects in the maturity of the arguments and criticism, this is the main cause of the lack of solutions provided by the opposition. The purpose that takes the opposition forward is to somehow by any means take out P.M. Modi, this hollow purpose of the opposition drives them to do things that may be considered “anti-nation”, illicit and immoral actions. This purpose to can be a potential cause for fake news and media narratives. That is why I feel the state of modern Indian political state to be flawed and the opposition to be immature.

A potential solution to this is the change of attitude of the opposition towards the incumbent government, this change of attitude will facilitate their change of purpose, make the state of Indian politics less toxic, bring and encourage more people to join the field of politics and surely, bring good ideas to the table. This change of attitude is that the opposition and government recognize themselves as a cooperative society, and not enemies. But to do this the opposition has to be more mature and grow up.

The opposition should trust the government, the government should extend it hand to the opposition despite the risk of betrayal because perhaps that is the best way to bring out the best in both and for the nation.

That is all that I have to sell.

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