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News media is instrumental in creating a panic situation in India

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The world is helping India and from all over oxygen concentrators are shipped to India. It’s sad to see that even during the Pandemic the people of India – New Delhi under the CM Of AAP Mr. Kejriwal hasn’t been able to control this.

Many have lost their near and dear ones and it’s a heart breaking situation.

People have been blaming the government for the same, but did the people stop partying/marriages? The people of India don’t want to wear mask. Why blame PM MODI and call him a failure? He has done the best and because of PM Modi the world has come forward to give aid to India. There is NO country which hasn’t helped India during this time of pandemic.

Also it’s sad to see the hospitals  n India spending crores of rupees to build multi speciality hospitals all ove India did not have the foresight to have a oxygen and nitrogen plant in their premises. All the so called hospitals have qualified teams on all fronts be it the Infrastructure layout or the day to day operations of the hospital.

How did the hospitals get the permission to be operational without the basic necessity.

Half the population of India is sick Because of the media non stop showing on COVID 19 situation in the country. News Media is also instrumental in creating a panic situation and causing fear and stress.

Lastly instead of media showing COVID 19 news should show how alternate therapy or some sort of entertainment to reduce stress and fear. Get a Panel to heal the people of India. Today india needs positive news not fear.

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