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Western Media

हिंडनबर्ग का अडानी प्रेम- किसका षड्यंत्र- किसको लाभ Part-2

इसके प्रथम भाग में हमने देखा की अडानी एक उद्भव कैसे हुआ और उनके विरुद्ध षड़यंत्र की शुरुआत कैसे हुई, आगे हम देखते हैं की ये हिंडेनबर्ग कैसे अडानी समूह से प्रेम करने लगा।

Hypocrites hiding behind masks of liberalism

Leave alone liberalism, this is not even responsible opposition. It's better to be called a "non-liberal" when unlike you, I'm tolerant enough to co-exist with the mess created in name of liberalism and democracy.

News media is instrumental in creating a panic situation in India

The people of India don’t want to wear mask. Why blame PM MODI and call him a failure?

Dear western and Indian media, thank you for belittling us in our hard times

Your glee at the burning pyres of our people, your condescending sympathy, your denial of dignity to the dead, your racism, your dehumanising elitism, your utter selfishness has not escaped our attention.

USCIRF report by “the concerned but prejudiced commissioners (the-CPC)” labeling India “a country of concern (a-CPC)”

India's a-CPC designation in 2020 was based on misconstrued narrative derived from the limited information, data, and facts.

In defence of China

The accusers accusing China for COVID-19 are mainly from Western media. And anything coming from Western Media, should be taken with a pinch of salt!

Annihilation of western democracies

Politics is being taken over by Muslims and people who hate the very nations they have come to; this is an irreversible process of Western Democracies nations becoming suicidal.

How media fixes truth to fit its facts

The fourth pillar, our communicators- Media, please don’t promote facts sacrificing the truth, don’t furnish wars to fit your pictures.

Western liberal media’s bias against India

Western's liberal media's criticism of Indian democracy is just a false narrative.

Why western criticism of Indian democracy is flawed

Is conventional democracy the only and ultimate form of governance?

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