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Annihilation of western democracies

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India is proud to be a democracy, she sees herself as a nascent republic in the footsteps of parliamentary system of United Kingdom, liberty of France and separation of powers of United States. These lofty ideals are no doubt worthy but due to rigidity that has set up upon them, they have become as what is attributed to Abraham Lincoln, ‘The constitution is not a suicide pact’. Sclerotic liberalism and worshiping democracy as an equal to medieval Christian prayer has become the norm in Western Democracies. The West here are US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and most western European nations. The only nation that is still safe from the poisonous outcomes of unbridled liberalism is Japan. All Western Democracies are experiencing similar afflictions.

Islam and its followers are killing innocent men, women and children all over the West, yet the response of Western Democracies is to invite more illegal Muslim migrants. These mostly young Muslim men are coming on boats and not via legitimate or vetted routes. Read Douglas Murray’s bestseller, ‘The Strange Death of Europe – Immigration, Identity and Islam’ to discover the depth to which Western Democracies have descended just to accommodate supremacist Islam.

Western Democracies provide incentives to black women and white women of deprived classes to have children without a husband so that they can get houses for free (social housing). This has created a whole underclass of black men and poor white boys who have grown up to single mothers and are now part of drug dealing gangs that indulge in horrendous violence against innocent public. The institution of marriage and family has been destroyed by liberalism thrust upon by Western Democracies.

Judges in Western Democracies do not punish criminals, they blame their social background, which is caused mostly because of single parent children. Based on this they give them lenient sentences and most commit dozens of crimes and are repeatedly locked up for short time before they are out to commit more crimes.

Criminal justice system in Western Democracies works to protect criminals. Murderers, robbers are not caught and if they are, they are either not jailed or given short sentences. A 10-year sentence means that they are out in 5 years as day and night is counted as two days! Burglaries, street muggings, day light robberies are not even investigated.

Muslim immigration causes large families as they have more and more children, areas become Muslim dominated and then Muslims become councillors, local government representatives, members of parliament and so on. They then formulate policies that give more control to Muslims, build mosques, madrasas, forbid normal businesses and drive out local people. There were hardly a dozen mosques in Britain forty years back, now there are around 2000 mosques, 130 shariah courts and madrasas teaching hard line fanaticism to young children while separating boys from girls. Nine cities and towns in Britain have or have had Muslim mayors who have been known to divert funds to Islamist causes. Most UK schools now serve halal food to all students including non-Muslim children. There are around 3000 mosques in US.

Politics is being taken over by Muslims and people who hate the very nations they have come to; this is an irreversible process of Western Democracies nations becoming suicidal.

Muslims in UK constitute 5% of population but 35% of disabled children are born to these Muslims because they marry their cousins who they get from Pakistan, Bangladesh. The taxpayers pay for life long expensive care of these disabled children. This is a scandal that punishes innocent children of consanguineous marriages.

Open door immigration allows Muslims to become citizens of countries with weak borders and then come to UK, Netherlands, Spain, France, Germany, Canada and US. Violent Muslims, many members of gangs freely move around Europe and UK using free movement of people guaranteed under European Union rules.

People who come out as gay and say that they have AIDS are seen as beacons of strength, they are celebrated in media and the Western Democracies gives rights of gay marriage. Gay people have serious mental health issues and suicide rates, even this is celebrated that they should be supported. Supporting them is morally right, but if children and teenagers are warned of AIDS, mental problems and suicides that gay people face then they may make life choices more carefully. But instead all this is celebrated by Western Democracies, so young people are hoodwinked into believing that they are making healthy life choices. Children are taught transgender, gay and lesbian lifestyles which in itself is welcome but this is done as proselytization in all schools under government guidelines that confuses young children.

US companies are world beaters and are proof why capitalism thrives. US capitalism is based on the premise that poverty is eliminated only by capitalism. So far so good, but the fact is that US companies transfer jobs to lowest wages across the world, they are actually not US companies but abuse US trade and military might to get foothold everywhere, exploit cheap labour, make millions unemployed in US and pay senators and US presidents money to keep all this going. US capitalism and military industrial complex is a major Western Democracies failure that works against US citizens. In the same way, US companies tend to become monopolies or duopolies, they buy or destroy competition, in reality they use free market to destroy free market principles. In UK the same thing works but instead of companies, the benefactors are land owners and financiers not companies. Land owning class make money by exploiting people and making government follow green belts and other monopolistic laws.

Globalism is abused by corporates in Western Democracies to get cheap labour immigrants for non-transferable work and to transfer all other jobs to cheap labour countries. The end of nation states is a stated goal of globalists, EU and other free trade agreements are a pathway to this. But this hides the greed that the elite have behind this façade of lifting people out of extreme poverty when their actual goal is massive profits.

Women are pushed into workforce to feed cheap labour demand, but this destroys families, makes birth rates to levels that they can no longer be replacement levels of 2.3 per family, this creates a class of underemployed men who become useless, women use economic independence to break relationships causing immense harm to children who then go on to create criminal societies that are divided and deprived. Western Democracies actively promotes this vision. This in turn justifies Western Democracies’ open door immigration policies that invite radical Muslims to once peaceful nations.

To even think of creating awareness of any of the above means that any journalist or media person or politician will be debarred and stigmatised, so Western Democracies have become radical fundamentalists speeding up their own demise while being blind to creeping Islamic fundamentalism eating their own nations from the inside.

To give just one example from just one nation of one crore people (10 million), Sweden. In 2019 Sweden had 257 bombings, 8350 rapes, 2291 children robbed, 42 people shot dead, 40 000 women genitally mutilated, cars set on fire almost every night, around 60 problem areas and ‘no-go’ zones dominated by Muslims. Sweden had near zero crime just few years back, but by allowing Muslim immigrants from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Morocco and middle east, it now has unbearable levels of crime.

India is not in good company as far as being democratic is concerned, India faces a choice to either become suicidal as a liberal democracy just like western democracies have become or to save its citizens from a very bleak future.

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