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Western liberal media’s bias against India

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After PM Modi won in Uttar pardesh and Yogi’s coronation as a new chief minister of state was announced, liberal media bandwagon jumps over replay buttons and starts playing all old videos of him. But extreme reaction comes from American media outlets.

American media is very critical of our election system because of our rich cultural diversity. But according to them, Indian election is just based on caste politics and there is no scope of any other agenda in our politics. However, election of Uttar Pardesh proved them wrong because BJP won election without any caste based politics. Its sole agenda was “development for all”. First talk about their claim to be sole savior of democracy.

USA and UK claims to be the oldest and the truest democracies in the world. They claim to be the leaders of free world but the truth is very dark and soaked in blood. No need to talk about autocracy of Great Britain in different parts of the world. In this article we will just do a fact-check of “democracy” in their own home. Scottish and Irish culture suffered heavily due to authority of English in their national parliament. Scottish kilt (skirt for men) was banned by passing dress act 1746. Their language, their heritage was suppressed for so long that now again Scotland is going to held a 2nd referendum for separation from England. Ireland paid a heavy toll of British negligence during great famine in which one million Irish were killed as British govt. refused to provide them food. In Britain, women were not given right to vote until 1960’s.

American war of independence was fought from April 19, 1775 to September 3, 1783. It lasted for more than 8 years. War was fought for liberty, freedom, and control over taxation. Hence, war lasted for 8 years but they declared their independence on July 4 ,1776. On independence, they declared themselves ”A Democracy”. However, USA was never a true democracy until 1964, till all women and black community was given equal voting rights under “one man one vote”. even in great Britain women were not allowed to vote until 1960’s. Hence, their claim to be the oldest and truest democracy is nullified. And therefore, their criticism of Indian democracy is wrong in all way. Indian constitution provided universal suffrage to all from since 1950.

But in India our constitution makers made sure that from the first day of Indian democracy every Indian was granted equal rights from day one. We were a third world nation. Every other third world nation after its independence from colonizers suffered a military coup. But Indian democracy never suffered this fate. Her democracy was strong since her birth which shows the power sharing among different sections of society. This shows since the beginning, even bottom strata of the society has been participant in power sharing and decision makings. In our democracy a Sikh can become PM, Muslim can become a President, OBC can become a PM. But in USA, it took nearly 250 years to make a black guy a president.

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