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Indian Culture

Game of Chess is a gift from India, just as Yoga

Chess, just like Yoga, is essentially a gift of the Ancient Indian knowledge system to mankind. Everyone knows this, globally all chess organisations admit this and Google also says so!

Embracing diversity: The power of cultural exchange

Embracing cultural diversity fosters a more inclusive and harmonious world, where the beauty of our differences shines brightly, illuminating the path to a better future for all.

कांतारा हर हिन्दी दर्शक को देखनी चाहिए

जो ऋषभ ने आख़िरी १५-२० मिनटों में किया है वो आपको स्तब्ध कर देगा। ऋषभ अद्भुत प्रतिभा के धनी हैं। उनपर निश्चय ही दैव का आशीर्वाद है।

नए संसद भवन के भूमि पूजन के समय, मोदी जी ने उथिरामेरूर का उल्लेख किया था: क्यों?

उथिरामेरूर चेन्नई से लगभग ९० किमी दूर कांचीपुरम जिले में स्थित है, जो अपने आप में १२५० वर्षों का इतिहास समेटे हुए है। और आप को यह जानकर आश्चर्य होगा कि भारत में विद्दमान लोकतंत्र का सर्वोत्तम मॉडल है।

From India to Bharat- Brand Bharat is becoming a reality

India has seen differences on religion or ethnicity both from majorities and minorities side, which occurred, in every era of it’s history. Still it can proudly be the flag bearer of secularism.

A note to the left about our Indian values

In our tradition the prayer is hardly ever for one’s own happiness and prosperity. It is always for collective happiness and the removal of everyone’s distress.

India, through the ages and beyond

The Idea of India, is a nuanced structure composed of often opposing and complementing tendencies, coupled with persistent attempts to emphasise fraternity.

पृथक-पृथक संस्कृतियों का विकास एवं उत्थान, पारस्परिक सहिष्णुता एवं समन्वय से ही संभव

भारत सिर्फ एक देश ही नहीं अपितु एक राष्ट्र भी है। जिसकी संस्कृति, ज्ञान एवं विचार का अनुशीलन, अनुपालन और अनुसरण संपूर्ण विश्व प्राचीन काल से ही करता आया है।

Unfortunately, we remember our fundamental rights but forget our fundamental duties

Since ancient times, people in India have had a tradition of performing their duties — even in partial disregard of their rights and privileges. Since time immemorial, an individual’s “kartavya” — the performance of one’s duties towards society, his/her country and his/her parents — was emphasised.

The choices we have: Roots in our civilization

The choices are also not in a simple fashion. They percolate down as in the form of a pyramid. The person with more consciousness has to make higher choices and the person with lower Consciousness has to make lower choices in order to sustain the civilizational flow which is in the form of lateral pyramid.

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