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From India to Bharat- Brand Bharat is becoming a reality

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Recently there is a chaos regarding Hindu, Hindutva for whatsoever reasons but somehow timed before 5 Indian states are going in the democratic process of election, out of which 4 of them are ruled by the BJP. And these series of events, made me feel, why rebranding India to Bharat is a important process which have been dynamically developed by the present prime minister Mr. Modi.

A country especially like Bharat can never be defined in just territorial entity but in its cultural and heritage terms. It’s the culture, heritage those differs a lot from states to states but a basic feature is there where makes us proud and one as an Indian rather Bharatiya. When Bharat go her independence from the clutches of the repressive British rule, there was two options in the table either choose Brand India or Brand Bharat. Thanks or no thanks, Nehru bulldozed his vision and used the Brand India as the newly born country in domestic and international stage. The fundamental difference between Brand India and brand Bharat is, India is a country which has got its independence from the British Rule and its starting its independent chapter from 1947 or technically 1950 when we enacted our constitution. 1950 is the year zero for our nation, whereas Brand Bharat was a continuing Bharat from Vedas to the modern Indian Constitution and beyond.

Bharat does not means Hindu, at least if Hindusim means religion to some. But as Indian we share tradition and culture which has been in us, passed down generation after generation, has got secular identity but was traditionally practised by our fore father’s then who were basically Hindus, a religion/way of life born in Bharat. But yes similarly, many other thing cultural identities are passed down from other religion or ethic group, which has become part and parcel of India and its culture. None should be thrown away or disregarded; they must be embraced and respected.

The problem is there is a pseudo intellectual mindset, that Modi’s India is a Hindu India, where Hindu’s are the first class citizens and other’s a second class which is bogus and tarnish the unity of India. Modi attended the  World Islamic Sufi Conference 2016 in New Delhi, inaugurated the Kartarpur Corridor even rebuild the Kashi Viswanath Corridor. So this is Modi’s New India, revivial of Brand Bharat, which has a history, a legacy which is secular from the times immemorial. New Bharat is not only a IT giant but also a history rich country. Taj Mahal is not the only attraction in India, Sommanth Temple is also magnificent.

India has seen differences on religion or ethnicity both from majorities and minorities side, which occurred, in every era of it’s history. Still it can proudly be the flag bearer of secularism.

But sadly, certain time, certain group of individual feels too insecure in India, maybe not because they lose their religion or but electoral mandate.

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