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महाभारत का कर्ण और भारत का दलित समाज

वर्तमान समय में भी अधिकांश दलित अपने स्वंय के लाभ मात्र के लिए अधर्मी दलित नेताओ को अपना सामर्थ्य यानी की वोट बैंक प्रदान कर रहे है, नाकि किसी राष्ट्रीय हित में।

‘Their’ Feminism is limited; ‘ours’ is not!

Bharat has always offered women equal and at times superior opportunities, be it the archery division of army in Chanakya’s time, performing a yagna, conferring degrees like Ganini, Mahattara,etc; or mastering the 64 Kalas that was a must for a woman that included art of solving riddles, mechanics, knowledge of foreign languages, etc.

Unfortunately, we remember our fundamental rights but forget our fundamental duties

Since ancient times, people in India have had a tradition of performing their duties — even in partial disregard of their rights and privileges. Since time immemorial, an individual’s “kartavya” — the performance of one’s duties towards society, his/her country and his/her parents — was emphasised.

देश रंगीला

आप एक ऐसे देश में रहते हैं जहां नियम कानून के विषय में सोचना नही। बस अपने अनुसार चलते रहो। खुश रहो और अपने को राजनैतिक दलों का भेड़ मानते हुए बस निष्ठावान बने रहो।

विविधता या विभाजन

आज देश को बोस के विचारों को और गम्भीरता से पढ़ने और समझने की ज़रूरत है, भगत सिंह के सारे लेखों को पढ़ने समझने की ज़रूरत है, ज़रूरत है कि सावरकर और अम्बेडकर के विचारों को भी खुले दिमाग़ से समझा जाए और विभाजनकारी सोच को पूरी तरह ख़त्म किया जाए।

Yogi Adityanath is right when he says “How can Mughals be our hero”

Why the name is important if that’s the question then given the free run of the secular historians right from the dawn of India’s independence, made us almost forget our own history, our ancestry, our tradition, and our culture.

Param Vaibhamam- The Sanatan destination

Bharat is eminently suited to play this role-Bharat with Sanatana Dharam as its referent and 'All is one' as its ultimate realisation.

Awakening of the sleeping Hindu giant

An Ode to the Resurrection of the Hindu self-esteem & pride.

Only Ram’s Bharat can de-radicalize Project Medina victims

Modern-day Bharat has to take a leaf out of the horrors, the middle-east has gone through and pre-empt the causes at the earliest. There is absolutely no scarcity like that of a desert here.

New Education Policy- Winning the world with the Bharat centric Values

The NEP is an ambitious document, which is focused on the holistic and overall development of the students to make them Aatmnirbhar and to enable them to compete with the world while maintaining the Bharat centric values and culture.

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