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‘Their’ Feminism is limited; ‘ours’ is not!

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Author of Forced To Maroon

यत्र तु नार्यः पूज्यन्ते तत्र देवताः रमन्ते, यत्र तु एताः न पूज्यन्ते तत्र सर्वाः क्रियाः अफलाः
Meaning- Where women are worshiped, there lives the Gods and where they are not worshiped, all actions are rendered fruitless.

When above lines define the culture of my soil where does feminism fit in Bharatiyan context? Feminism strives for egalitarianism but none of the educated, I emphasize educated and not merely literate, Bharatiya nari (women) want their positions to be pulled down to equal men’. As alien is the language in which it is coined so is the concept; nonetheless, both have mingled in our society.

Bharat has always offered women equal and at times superior opportunities, be it the archery division of army in Chanakya’s time, performing a yagna, conferring degrees like Ganini, Mahattara,etc; or mastering the 64 Kalas that was a must for a woman that included art of solving riddles, mechanics, knowledge of foreign languages, etc. She was a wrestler, doctor, Upadhyayi (teacher), minister and every other thing unlike her western counterpart who had to struggle all her life to get one job as is vivid in ‘On The Basis Of Sex’.

Even now vows are taken to protect her and she is seen as the divine manifestation of love, care and nourishment. The fact that she is programmed differently in her genes simply surpasses the swill sense of woke feminists for is it not ridiculous that a country summoned as ‘Ma’ (mother) has glass ceilings? Not having a single use, feminism has only degraded our society by fighting against triple talaq, injecting HPV vaccine without parent’ permission to depopulate India, fighting for Rohingyas, opposing CAA, starting  MeToo and falsely accusing men, allowing women in Shabrimala when the positive scalar waves are fatal to her and coining exhibitionistic disorder as empowerment.  

Once a Mallyali acquaintance was blabbering hogwash how women in her society are respected to such an extent that the children are given surnames of their mothers (I accentuate ‘Mallyali’ as they have a matriarchal society). This is a perfect example of baloney, in Northern India fathers’ surname is taken over (Gotra system) simply because only the y chromosome undergoes perfect replication from generation to generation, it’s a system to sustain the genetic information and has nothing to do with patriarchy. We don’t need the genetic compatibility test because of the Gotra System but should I expect this to be understood by wooden headed feminists?

Do you take yellow fever vaccine? While you can’t take medications for diseases that do not exist in your land feminism being gulped down the throats is beyond the pale. A unique problem of the west need not spread its unique solution globally.

Our Feminism and their Feminism

Doing away with such an absurdity, we should keep in mind that West needs feminism very badly and only India continues to be the acme of gender roles. By keeping India perpetually under the limelight of ‘most dangerous country for women’ we are belittling the pain and suffering of actual victims. Their jealousy towards Bharat cannot justify the ignorance of Boko Haram kidnapping or the persecution of Falun Gong. Now you cannot point out to dowry and go eureka, evil in Indian society unveiled! It is anyways sickening to see people performing marriage completely according to Hindu rituals and then adding a taste of slavery by taking/giving dowry. Not that there is zilch misogynistic denizens but the fact remains that they are a product of English education system for where else do you find men respecting women if not in India.

While feminists get busy changing the Myntra logo, US women undergo deliberate obesity to avoid sexual harassments, brides get abducted in Kyrgyzstan, Swedish women become slaves to sex tourism, almost every Hindu girl child is raped daily in Pakistan, UK girls convert to rape victims before school graduation (they don’t even report the crime because it’s a ‘cultural norm’). If you mull over the intentions of such charlatans, oops! Feminists, you soon conclude that the wave of upliftment is nothing more than a form of gender proselytization, the goal being to bring the Indian women at par with the low standards of western women.

Only when the efflux of feminism in Bharat is deemed null and void and Indian naris realize their power they can work for genuine women empowerment in the accused nations.


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Author of Forced To Maroon
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