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Women respect in Hinduism

ईश्वर की सर्वश्रेष्ठ रचना नारी शक्ति के प्रति देश में बढ़ता अत्याचार चिंताजनक

बेहद अफसोस की बात यह है कि जिस देश की धर्म व संस्कृति में नारी शक्ति की पल में पल में पूजा होती हो, उसी देश में आज कुछ राक्षसी प्रवृत्ति के दरिंदों की दरिंदगी के चलते लोग आयेदिन अपने कलेजे के टुकड़े बेटियों की चिता जलाने पर मजबूर क्यों हो रहे हैं।

The role of women in eastern societies

The countries of the west do look down and deride the social systems of backward countries like Afghanistan and Sudan and rightfully so in my opinion. But then how different America is from the Taliban in their treatment of women and minorities?

Contribution of women in national economy

Women are the most integral part of society on this planet. Without women, we cannot even imagine our existence. They perform numerous roles whether...

Observing Navratri as a celebration of women’s empowerment

Navaratri celebrations were popular long before the International Women's Day and the International Day of the Girl Child were conceived. India's psyche resonates with the stories of the Saptashati.

Swami Vivekanand and Indian Womanhood

”No man should scold his wife and he must always maintain her as if she were his own mother. And even when he is in the greatest difficulties and troubles, he must not show anger to his wife“.

‘Their’ Feminism is limited; ‘ours’ is not!

Bharat has always offered women equal and at times superior opportunities, be it the archery division of army in Chanakya’s time, performing a yagna, conferring degrees like Ganini, Mahattara,etc; or mastering the 64 Kalas that was a must for a woman that included art of solving riddles, mechanics, knowledge of foreign languages, etc.

Article Submission: She’s an object

In the age of 24/7 media, we have become so accustomed to the portrayal of women as a sum total of their sexual body parts, that we do not even realize when in real life also we manifest that behavior and objectify women by singling out body parts of women without finding anything wrong in doing so.

Is application of western feminist logic to Indic practices justifiable?

Self styled feminists eagerly wait for occasions like Navaratri and Durgostsava to slander Indic virtues. But to what extent does this criticism holds ground is a matter of question which we need to address.

Shakti: The hidden energy of Bharat

Does India need to empower the women as shown by these western feminists or are they already empowered and we just need to channelize their energy by awakening their dharmic identity?

Western feminism विष, नारी शक्ति अमृत है

विश्व के मुख्य तीन बड़े धर्म इस्लाम, क्रिश्चियनिटी और सत्य सनातन हिंदू धर्म में से हिंदू धर्म ही एकमात्र ऐसा धर्म है जिसमें परमेश्वर के स्त्री रूप को समान मान्यता दी गई है। भगवान शिव को कई अलग-अलग रूप में पूजा जाता है। जिनमें से एक है उनका अर्द्धनारीश्वर रूप। शिव का यह अवतार स्त्री और पुरुष की समानता दर्शाता है।

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