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Shakti: The hidden energy of Bharat

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It often comes to my mind that the real picture of the Indian women is not portrayed by the so-called elite. As I explored this subject of women’s equality, I came to know how distorted things are fed to our current generation.

Young educated girls today have impressions in their minds that our traditional cultural society is discriminatory towards women, Most of them think that women are always subjugated in India, their freedom is curbed by the dharmic traditions of India. Thus, these modern women start criticizing their own roots, compromise with their value system, and ridicule their own dharmik belief system considering it to be derogatory towards the woman.

They feel that Indian women were harassed in this Bhartiya culture and their talents were suppressed by the male dominating society. Thus the question we need to ask ourselves is Does the treatment of women is true as it is being portrayed by these funded media and the so-called Bollywood actress. Or there are some different set of values system our daughters/sisters are growing which the world has yet not known and heard of. Is India all about Brahmanical patriarchy where the women were not given any importance or do there is an equal set of importance given to them in society?

How Indian women are different as compared to the women in the west in terms of their uniqueness and disposition towards the society by the multitudes in roles played by them?

Does India need to empower the women as shown by these western feminists or are they already empowered and we just need to channelize their energy by awakening their dharmic identity?

Many of the girls raised in traditional families and becoming a part of this modern elite find it very very difficult to retain their dharmic identity and cultural values and often consumed by this so-called false propaganda of these modern women.

It’s time that the world needs to listen to the narrative of a common Indian woman who has lived in these dharmic traditions. I request to all women to Come and be a part of this great @saga_stories which is soon going to start and witness a revolution in their consciousness by experiencing the dharmic narrative of Indian women, who have immensely contributed to this land and can be an asset to the future of this nation.

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