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women rights

The need for a national commission for men

The country has a National Commission for Women, a National Commission for Protection of Child Rights for Women and children protection but there are no organizations which raise the voice of men.

ईश्वर की सर्वश्रेष्ठ रचना नारी शक्ति के प्रति देश में बढ़ता अत्याचार चिंताजनक

बेहद अफसोस की बात यह है कि जिस देश की धर्म व संस्कृति में नारी शक्ति की पल में पल में पूजा होती हो, उसी देश में आज कुछ राक्षसी प्रवृत्ति के दरिंदों की दरिंदगी के चलते लोग आयेदिन अपने कलेजे के टुकड़े बेटियों की चिता जलाने पर मजबूर क्यों हो रहे हैं।

Marital rape: Why we need to criminalize it

We need to criminalise marital rape and, along with the issues concerning it must be answered. And with that, we can bring equality and justice in a real sense.

The efforts of Modi government for women empowerment – Big push through reforms in MSME sector

Sri. Narendra Modi ji after becoming Prime Minister has emphasized and launched several schemes to solve the problems faced by women for several decades even after independence.

Universalizing human rights: UCC & women rights

Is UCC a tool of secularism & communal politics or an instrument enabling gender justice, equity & intersectional equality?

An enigma called the Women’s Reservation Bill

This bill is an apposite instance of pseudo-feminism where it is strenuously being attempted to vanish male (especially those belonging to the General Caste) politicians from the Lok Sabha and state legislatures of India. This bill will distinctly impact and further perish the marginalized General Caste from Indian politics.

Article Submission: She’s an object

In the age of 24/7 media, we have become so accustomed to the portrayal of women as a sum total of their sexual body parts, that we do not even realize when in real life also we manifest that behavior and objectify women by singling out body parts of women without finding anything wrong in doing so.

Shakti: The hidden energy of Bharat

Does India need to empower the women as shown by these western feminists or are they already empowered and we just need to channelize their energy by awakening their dharmic identity?

Aatmanirbhar Bharat and women empowerment

Contribution of women in the growth history is quite visible however, as a society we have failed to maintain the dignity of a woman. We need to change our mind set and vision.

Women and we men

Since the practice of co-leveling men and women by the concept of feminism doesn’t seem sensible, especially in a country like India because any social and religious ritual is incomplete without the presence of women in our country.

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