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Yash Chandan is an aspiring law student enormously intrigued by Indian history, politics, national security, defense, and current affairs along with geopolitics, global history, global policy; and keeps an eye on the trio: the USA, China, and Russia; on the Middle East; South Asia and peculiarly on the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (as he'll be researching and writing its prehistory and antiquity, medieval and modern history as the years roll by). He is a bilingual writer, poet, and essayist writing in both English and Hindi and a neophyte-to-Urdu. Some of his literary works have been published and some are about to be. He describes himself as a voracious and keen reader reading books from all feasible spectrums, a vehement bibliomane investing his quantum of wonga utterly in books, and a budding writer experimenting in often contrasting genres. He owes all his accomplishments to his parents, who are fervid about his writings and are invigorating 24/7 to bolster his career and resolutions.

The advent of deliberate civil war and precariousness in an already turbulent Afghanistan

We have to assent that the future of Afghanistan is undetermined, unpredictable, and fluctuant. The only prognostication is of a despondent, gloomy, and tenebrous Afghanistan.

The insolent Kejriwal: A brief commentary

the 'messiah' of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal, who from the kick-off of the meeting, joined in a perfunctory and zeal-deficient mode, transcended all the extremities of Chief Ministerial etiquette, credo, and decorum.

Why is the BJP losing its ground in Delhi state politics?

Kejriwal is for Delhi, what Modi is for India. Among several crucial factors, the paucity of a credible opposition face is a reason Modi sweeps India in the polls.

An enigma called the Women’s Reservation Bill

This bill is an apposite instance of pseudo-feminism where it is strenuously being attempted to vanish male (especially those belonging to the General Caste) politicians from the Lok Sabha and state legislatures of India. This bill will distinctly impact and further perish the marginalized General Caste from Indian politics.

Sexist remarks are besmirching BJP’s national image

The common Indian men need to avoid certain cliches about women's attire. A woman's attire has nothing to do with her attributes and ethics.

Pseudo-feminism is toxic for a decent society!

Feminism must prevail in society, but for the sake of equality and women's empowerment, not to subdue men and masculinity.

TMC and violence: Brutal attacks on local BJP workers is normal in West Bengal

The recent attack on Gopal Majumdar's (a local BJP worker) octogenarian mother in WB, manifests the inherent violent antagonism against the BJP among the TMC's leaders and workers.

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