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Women and we men

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Undoubtedly, after 73 years of independence, a rapid shift to modernisation can be observed so far. Perhaps this is a bitter truth related to half of the population that still we have the limiting factors for women. Somewhere, women also disregarded this fact that in reliance of 2-3 exceptions, how can the entire class of women be considered self dependent?

Since the practice of co-leveling men and women by the concept of feminism doesn’t seem sensible, especially in a country like India. It is so because any social and religious ritual is incomplete without the presence of women in our country. Women have always been considered as an epitome of strength and ability.

Among various definitions of feminism, the most widely accepted is “Feminism means equality for women”. Obviously, it seems very positive. But, “are women deprived of equal rights?” Today, feminism is represented as being equal to men, but on what parameters? The girls, doped in fiery modernisation, try to imitate men in the name of equality whether the reference is wrong or right; which is completely perverse. They are totally unaware of what actually self-reliance and equality are.

Yet as a nation, we believe in “यत्र नार्यस्तु पूज्यन्ते रमन्ते तत्र देवता”. No country around the globe is dignified as a mother as we have “Bharat Mata”. Particularly in our fundamentals where women hold a prior place to men, the pro-western movement of pseudo feminism is having no existence.

Today, the Indian woman is working in every field in the endeavor, but our human thinking is hindering her progress. When a married woman wants to move forward in her career or to be self-reliant, her family members first object to it. Despite being highly educated, the woman is still unable to take decisions in her family, society and even her own affairs. At the time of decision making, the woman herself becomes dependent on the man. Simply because she does not consider herself mentally more capable than men.This is why when it is too much with the woman, she lacks in opposing.

The Indian constitution provides equal rights for both men and women. But due to illiteracy and domestic religious traditions, women have not been able to make full use of all those rights. Despite a comparatively lower illiteracy rate, women have set new records in every field of science, business, space, sports and politics. Today’s women have come to know their importance and are also trying to prove themselves. Its resulting out positively as well. Be it education or politics or elsewhere, they have started participating in large numbers in every field, which shows their importance.


-Prashant Bajpai

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