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Why Bharat cannot afford to not have an Anti-conversion bill?

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Poor and vulnerable people are converted to Christianity based on the pretext of offering education and financial assistance. There are multiple cases of such forceful conversions, right from the North East to Tamilnadu. Once they get converted they continue to hold their caste names without disclosing their new faith to draw dual Government benefits.

This way their official population estimate is lower. These so-called Crypto Christians are a threat to national security of the country. They utilise their funds from Western nations to convert gullible Hindu’s in the name of offering education and healthcare and involve in anti national activities. Lest their so called birth right to proselytize the entire world.

As a Hindu, I think it becomes our Dharma to protect the sovereignty of this Hindu land and protect the collective voices of Hindus. So when they convert, they brainwash their target as the formers religion being superior and cultured, well-bred, god sent, perfect, one which protects the sinner, cures diseases with prayers etc.

So once they are converted they will be influenced by pastors to vote for parties that support a liberal point of view so their conversion business continues. These new converts serve as vote bank politics and more schemes are directed toward them to keep them happy by suppressing the voices of the majority – Hindus.

By not even giving a damn to Hindus, because we have been brainwashed into being liberals, which in itself is a socio political Christian theology. It’s a ticking bomb to the nationalist party, if it doesn’t act now, by the next election the vote share will be split between other UPA. With SDPI-like parties gaining country-wide prominence these days, thanks to their unchecked funding and liberal media powerhouse, the party in power should reward its loyal voter base by bringing the Anti conversion law as soon as possible in all it’s states.

The 1st step, we as citizens of the country, should do is to get out of the colonial mindset. We need to acknowledge that we were being colonized by the Britishers and that we are still being done so in various forms.

This mindset that they imposed on us, that we were inferior to them (White Supremacy) is being carried on, as intergenerational trauma even today. We follow anything and everything that the West does. Including Yoga.. Which many don’t even know originated from Bharat?

It is high time that Hindu’s start being themselves, practicing Hindu Dharma, its culture, flaunting your Hindu identity, and feeling proud of your Dharma which is eternal. Many things in the world were actually invented by great men and sages of this land. But it was the west that took credit as if they invented for the very first time and even commercialized it. We never wanted credit for anything we did. We believed in creating/serving the community wholeheartedly and unselfishly working, on the process without worrying about the end result.

The CBFC board, which is part of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Information, needs to be completely revamped. There are vested interests with an ill-devoted, long-term campaign to instill propaganda. To promote hatred of a certain religion, to turn the very own people of this land against their own Dharma. Cinema affects the consciousness of an individual and this medium becomes the widely used and most effective to discreetly and stealthily spread hatred and divisiveness in a clever well-orchestrated manner.

You cannot escape them. You studied in their schools, colleges, became their friends and lived almost your entire life with them. I remember an instance from when I was around 10–12 years old. Me and my Christiam friend were coming home from school as usual, and I don’t remember what led us to the conversation of religion.

But I still vividly remember him cursing my religion, it’s Gods and ideals. I didn’t know how to defend my religion nor retaliate. I was dumbfounded to hear this coming from a “friend” after all these years. That’s the kind of radicalisation these minority faiths thrust upon their blind followers from such a very young age.

Just imagine the amount of brainwashing they should have done on such young minds that they start developing hatred against people of another faith. But the irony of all times is that, they project themselves as the messaih of love and peace and openly critic our practices and beliefs. But in reality they are not what they claim to be, they are so divisive and spew venom of hatred every time they get a chance to do so. Use every means to convert people using cards of caste system, oppression and the “evil” nature of Hinduism.

Let’s not forget the psychologically impact of being with these people. They think they have the divine right to criticise Hinduism and that they are God sent to pull people from other faiths to them in the name of love and acceptance. In fact let’s not forget the demonic and evil practises that these minority religion of cult inculcate. You cannot criticise their religion that they turn it into a global scene but mock my religion which they think is available to them at arms length.

When you are associated with them you start to slowly learn their wicked tendencies, dark impulses, deceitful nature, wrong ideals in life and begin degrading in your life. Anti conversion bill across the country is the need of the hour.

Nonetheless, we aren’t divisive, but believe in Vasudaiva Kutumbakam and are tolerant enough to live and let live with us the invaders, colonisers and the archaical system. Mera Bharat Shrest Bharat.

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