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Challenging Hinduphobia: Unveiling the complex realities in India

As India approaches the 2024 general election, it is imperative to recognize that attacks on Sanatana Dharma, regardless of the terminology used, target Hindus as a whole. Hindus must unite in the face of divisive forces and misinformation, armed with a clear understanding of their faith's core principles. Additionally, dispelling misconceptions about caste dynamics within Hinduism is essential to rectify the global misconception that synonymizes Hinduism with casteism, as Hinduism's beliefs and practices extend far beyond this stereotype.

California State Senate set to pass anti-Hindu bill

The California State Senate is currently considering a bill that has raised concerns among Hindus as it appears to target them under the guise of "caste discrimination". Notably, the bill is introduced by Senator Aisha Wahab, who is the first Muslim and Afghan in the California State Senate.

Manipur and other NE states of India: They stand gracefully tall since the time of the Mahabharata

The importance the North Eastern states especially Manipur held since the times of Mahabharata: Arjuna, was killed in Manipurby the king Babruvahana, was brought back to life by another North-Eastern Naga Princess Ulupi.

Being a Hindu is tough in 21st century India

As a citizen who is part of India’s Hindu majority, I tend to think that can wonders like AI be of any help towards my community’s civilizational interests? News reports of communal unrest from Nuh in Mewat have disturbed me as a Hindu.

Hindus of Bangladesh are in extreme fear

According to media reports, the Bangladesh Nationalist Party has been getting millions of dollars from dubious sources, which have been used against the Awami League government.

Rampant attacks on Hindu temples spark outrage in Pakistan

In a distressing series of events, two Hindu temples were brutally attacked and destroyed within a span of 24 hours in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Moolshankar and Murty: Dayanand Saraswati the founder of Arya Samaj

Pooja is nothing but a visualization technique of Cognitive behavioral therapy. There was no psychology back then, so Moolshankar had not studied it and could not understand it.

Nonviolence- The highest religion

If someone attacks you instead of trying to protect yourself, why should anyone surrender themselves to their killer? What is the benefit of that? 

बागेश्वर धाम: चर्चा में क्यों?

अबतक लोगों ने सनातन में ज्यादातर पूजा,ध्यान और योग को ही देखा है, सद्गुरु और प्रेमानंद जैसे संतों को ही देखा है पर इससे इतर सनातन की एक और खूबसूरती है कि यह संकट में परेशानियों से लड़ना सिखाता है,मजबूत होना सिखाता है,एक उम्मीद जगाता है कि हमारा इष्ट हमें संभालेगा।

Why we should debate on Hindu scripture

It’s very easy to make false statements by twisting the facts but its indeed a very difficult thing to digest the truth about one’s own past.

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