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Dear western and Indian media, thank you for belittling us in our hard times

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We know what is happening. We live here. The people who suffer are our loved ones, our colleagues, our friends, our neighbours. Hospitals are overflowing with patients. Pleas for medical attention, life-saving medicines and oxygen prop up in our phones and social media every few minutes.

In these times, people are reaching out and helping others. Our health care professionals are stressed but still work. Our law enforcement, our essential services people, government employees still go to work in spite of the fact that they might be infected next. 

We do not reject any criticism. But there is a time for that. This is the time for everyone to pitch in and help whatever we can. And so many are doing that – either physically, emotionally or financially. Only those with an agenda will look who to blame in a situation like this. 

Samples of “responsible” journalism from the likes of BBC, Reuters, NYTimes, NYpost, Scroll are the following.

1. Covid surge “swallowing” people in India

2. People are gasping for air in the street like “fish out of water

3. They’re dying like animals

4. People are dropping dead like flies

5. “Stunning” to describe funeral pyres

Your glee at the burning pyres of our people, your condescending sympathy, your denial of dignity to the dead, your racism, your dehumanising elitism, your utter selfishness has not escaped our attention. Yes, we are suffering. We are mourning. But if you think we will give up, you don’t know what Bharat is. You don’t know her people. You don’t know what we have been through.  Neither the colonialists nor the traitors within will understand this. You think burning pyres denote the end, we think of it as Agnipareeksha. We haven’t come this far to buckle under a virus. Every life lost will push us to do better. Every life saved will inspire us. Every sly and sarcastic remark will fuel the fire to overcome. 

We are thankful for the wishes of thousands of people around world and the countries who rushed to offer assistance and moral support. Good times and bad come and go, friends are forever. 

To the departed souls, may you attain Sadhgati. Om Shanti. 

Finally, to those who think they can subdue us again,

Bharat is not just a piece of land where people live. She lives in the hearts of millions who call her home, in those who look to her for guidance, in those who value Rashtra & Dharma and in those who seek refuge in her centuries-old wisdom. Bruised and battered we may be, we will not just survive, but thrive before your eyes.

Jai Hind. Vande Mataram.

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