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Communal politics

An offended nation: Should section 295A be scrapped?

Recent controversies have revealed the 'offence culture' that persists in our country, and how Section 295A of the IPC has contributed to it.

The political Jihad by the ‘gang of thirteen’

For the communal violence took place, the left cabal chose to question PM Modi on law & order.

A tale of two India

There are some incidents that get forgotten as time goes by. However, the learnings from them shouldn’t.

Let’s talk communal politics

The Central Government has long been accused of communal politics. Elections in West Bengal witnessed massive boulders of dissatisfaction rolling down regards this stratagem.

The cost of moving from an Indian concept of Dharma to a foreign concept of Secularism

Dharma is not religion specific. Its about social justice. About deciding what is right and wrong irrespective of one's religion, caste, gender, or any other identities.

Two scary scenarios are overstated– A response to Markanday Katju’s article

This article was written in response to Markanday Katju’s DailyO article of 22-09-2018 in which the author had predicted two scary scenarios before or during the 2019 Parliamentary Elections.

प्रिय राहुल, मैं मानसरोवर…

एक बार नंदी को मैंने कहा कि जाकर तुम्हें ले आए, तैयार भी हो गया।

राजनीति का नवीनीकरण अब जातिनीति है

भारतीय राजनीति का पांचवा चरण है जातिवाद बनाम जातिवाद| इस चरण के कई सूरमा है मायावती, मुलायम, उठावले| लेकिन इस चरण के बाहुबली बनकर उभरे है नरेंद्र मोदी|

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