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Let’s talk communal politics

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Taking a hit at government and politics is an alluring job, one just cannot resist expressing opinions of all latitudes. It is perfectly normal, and forms the very plinth of democracy. But one must have a valid reason.

On any given day, a discerning eye can find an ignorant herd of misled or apolitical people galore, raising their biased voice in the name of wrongs. If you get a chance to counter their arguments, you’ll uncover how terribly they perceive the logical facilities. “I speak against prejudice”- is what they behold. But rip their skin apart and these sheep in wolves’ guise merely exude an air of insecurity and naïve attitude. How do I know they’re apolitical? Their ignorance.

Save your “andh bhakt” criticism, it’s absolutely irrelevant here. We’re talking logic, not favours.

The other day, a person at the gym cried, “So what’s the biggest scam in the country today?”
My friend, somewhat recharged, screamed- “BJP”!
Just like that he expressed an opinion. But the base of it was ridiculously shocking.

The Hindu-Muslim politics of the government, according to him, was what prompted this comment. But my only concern was, which government’s politics, to be exact?

The Central Government has long been accused of communal politics. Elections in West Bengal witnessed massive boulders of dissatisfaction rolling down regards this stratagem. Any interview of the locals would highlight this issue, particularly when those people are among the ones supported by the so-far ruling party in the state.

Let’s say the right wing is embracing it’s beloved one section of the society more than the other. Cool. By that assumption, the Hindus have their privileged asses covered under the “favourites” policy of the government. But what good did any of this favouritism do to the people? Did this section get differential voting rights? Or do you think the Hindus get each a lucrative tax exemption, stipends for being Hindu, and an entourage to dig up stacks of riches for them? No, they don’t. No materialistic benefit has ever been derived from this deceit.

Mind you, I’m talking materialistic advantages only. Coming to the Citizenship Amendment Act, needless to say, the whole nation has deciphered this move of the government in the light of a communal approach.

And now comes the people’s face of equality, the one my friend from gym swears by, the Didi party – with the Chief Minister holding a master’s degree in “Islamic history”. How neutral the education, how unbiased the application!

No wonder where the “Muslim Appeasement” allegations had their roots running.

Unlike the BJP, this party quite literally had an “Imam Bhatta” policy which was designed specifically to provide stipends to thousands of Imams and Muezzins in the state. An election gimmick or otherwise, the choice of people group reflected the prejudice. This was eventually ruled as unconstitutional by the Calcutta High Court. In another controversy, durga idol immersion was “banned” almost a day prior to Muharram, in a bid to appease minorities. So much for the muslim vote bank!

So the next time you say “Hindu-Muslim politics of the government”, with all due respect, please bother to clarify which government you’re talking about. They’re all the same, aren’t they?

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