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Sitting with head buried in sand: A disease

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We are very casual and slightly selfish when it comes to looking at certain things from broader perspective! Way too busy in personal life that people don’t have time to think about cultural invasion, neglected Bharatiya heritage and biased narratives ruining our future! Placards abusing Hindutva appear in so called protests, we watch them on TV and just move on, without even thinking what those placard holders are trying to do! Agree that personal life is priority, but we can not ignore ideological and political aspects and get away with it. Even if we escape, coming generations will have to face the consequences.

SYMPTOMS: A comedian is mocking and insulting Hindu Gods & Goddesses, and ironically the audience with majority of Hindus are laughing on those lame jokes, shamelessly smashing their self respect, dignity, and sacrifices of ancestors under boots of left wing and so called secular propagandists!

Students studying in convent schools outrage over offering milk to deities but in same school they participate in carol singing and Xmas celebration in which decoration is done by cutting trees, or go on mutton party on Eid, so cute, isn’t it?

This is happening because since last few generations, one sided narratives have been fed to us to the extent that now they have become our default setting!

WHO IS RESPONSIBLE? Answer is ‘all of us’! Having civilization and culture are two of the main features that make humans different from other animals, and we compromised with these two features! We preferred “lollipops” offered by political parties over preserving BHARATIYA SABHYATA: a civilization once revered by rest of the world. Terms like “Vishwaguru” are not mere rhetorics, these are the realities of past that we are declining to accept(may be subconsciously)!

Someone who ordered to open fire on people rightfully demanding to restore their place of worship, wins election again to become CM of state just because the party distributed things like bicycle, laptops etc is an example of the “lollipop trap” and our dead conscience, it also summarises who is responsible for the mess!

Education system has also played major role in setting up this one way flow of narratives! On one hand intellectuals like Aryabhatta, shushruta and Maharishi Kanad fails to get space in text books except somewhere in introduction and “DID YOU KNOW” section, while on the other hand foreign Invaders who butchered the masses get glorified in the textbooks. A child getting raised up in an environment like this, with negligible connection to roots is involuntarily bound to become what we call today “A WOKE”! Thankfully there are large number of exceptions, still the damage is serious

Imagine reaching late in your office using bullock cart when you have other efficient options of transport! Yes, this is happening with our youth! Despite of belonging to a land where legends like, Shri Shankaracharya, Chanakya & Swami Vivekananda took birth, the youth is falling in trap of irrelevant and rigid ideologues like Karl Marx and Lenin, ignoring millions of deaths communism has lead to! Communists portray themselves as crusader of freedom and liberty, but I hope you all are aware about what they did in Cambodia(explore about Khmer rouge), West Bengal and wounds that Naxalism is still inflicting to the country.

IS THERE ANY CURE? The cure is in our own hand, this chronic problem needs collective approach, everyone is required to contribute their part in the process of healing. Most important medicine to treat this problem is correcting the course of education system, which include things like getting rid of distorted history and introducing Vedic teachings in syllabus, so that the students could realise the legacy of their past, which will prevent them from getting diverted to ideologies irrelevant to India. Along with freebies, road, electricity and water this ideological aspect should also be kept in mind while pressing EVM buttons.As a person we need to come out of the guilt trip for being a Hindu or taking pride in culture and learn to call a spade a spade! Don’t undermine importance of narratives just because these are not affecting your own life for now! This ignorance is the reason that culprits of incidents like Delhi or Bangalore riots succeed in portraying themselves as victims, use distant vision. Ignoring the threat will not neutralise it and is very dangerous.

To protect a precious thing is difficult task, that’s why our mother India is facing this level of threat at both ideological and military fronts. Our military is doing great job, but security of ideological front is in our own hands. Challenge is huge, but not bigger than our will power! As requested above keep doing your bit. Awake before this disease turns into a pandemic!


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