Monday, July 15, 2024


BBC Documentary on Narendra Modi

BBC’s flaws on Modi: Continued saga of Neo-imperialism

Present BBC documentary is no exception of it but a visual hatred propaganda which could be easily spread to hit the minds of common Indians against the current dispensation.

The BBC attacked India using the bogus “Gujarat Files” as evidence, with funding from Huawei: Views from a former Ofcom Advisor, that got Huawei...

It's evident that the BBC has been funded by Huawei of China with obvious Communist of China connections with their founder Ren Zhengfei being a former Captain in People Liberation Army of China.

Stupidity of BBC and Gujarat riots of 2002

Gujarat 2002 was the sharpest slap on the face of Indian Islamists who drew fake pride from the bogus claim of ruling Hindu India for a thousand years.

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