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Stupidity of BBC and Gujarat riots of 2002

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A couple of weeks back BBC documentary titled “The Modi Question”, implicating Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for much-publicized Gujarat anti-Muslim riots of 2002, was broadcasted expectedly considering the approaching of 2024 general election in India and absolute sorry state of affairs among the opposition parties. It was no wonder that the opposition parties of India, particularly Congress and Leftist, along with Islamists and international anti-India forces would do such uncouth activity. Many of such fake narratives will come as the 2024 election comes nearer.

What these Congi-Commie-Islamist and anti-India gangs do not understand is that the divide has been made very clear among the Indian voters. There are very few fence sitters now, whom these gangs can influence to manipulate the general election results of 2024. When the Indian Supreme Court appointed Special Investigation Team (SIT) could not find any involvement of Modi with the riots during Congress-led UPA rule from 2004 to 2014, BBC kis khet ki mooli hai?

In 2002, the headquarters of Panchmahal district of Gujarat was Godhra with a population of about 1.5 lakhs. Though Muslim population in Gujarat was about 8.5 percent in the 2001 census and all 26 districts were Hindu majority, Godhra town was Muslim majority with 51 percent of population being Muslims. As was common with Islamic teachings, Muslims of Godhra also thought that Godhra town was some Islam-i-stan and they could launch their violent Islamic Jihad on Hindus when they wanted.

Godhra was notorious for communal riots all along. The major ones occurred in 1947-48, 1980, 1981 and 1990. Four Hindu teachers were killed by the Muslim mobs in 1990 in Godhra. So, when in the morning of 27 February 2002, thousands of Muslims assembled in Godhra station and attacked Hindu Pilgrims and Kar-Sevaks returning from Ayodhya in Sabarmati Express, Godhra Muslims thought they were in Pakistan. On that day in Godhra, the Muslim mob burnt alive 59 Hindus, including 25 women and 25 children and injured 48 others.

In retaliation, Hindus attacked Muslims in different parts of the state and destroyed mosques and dargahs. As per the Joint Parliamentary Committee Report of Congress-led UPA government, 790 Muslims and 240 Hindus lost their lives in the riots, of which 100 Hindus were killed in Police firing.

The Hindu-Muslim riots have been commonplace in India since hundreds of years. So, Gujarat 2002 was nothing new. However, the Hindu-Muslim communal riots of Gujarat 2002 proved once for all that no Ghori, Ghaznavi, Babur, Abdali or their ideological slave can cause any harm to Hindus of India. This message shook the very mental foundation of Indian Islamists and their Left-Congress-Sickular support gang.

This is the reason why Indian Islamists and their support gang have been crying for twenty years, sometimes with support from Western and Islamic countries, on Gujarat 2002 and Modi (who was para-dropped as Chief Minister of Gujarat only two and a half months before riots by Vajpayee). Their extreme frustration is seen in their fraudulent use of the words like ‘pogrom’, ‘genocide’, ‘massacre’ and ‘ethnic cleansing’ of Muslims in Gujarat 2002.

Muslims of British India were around 24 percent of the total population. Though 90 percent of British Indian Muslims were local converts, they cultivated a sense of superiority and distinct separateness from Hindus. They violently fought for the creation of Islamic Pakistan as their New Medina. However, about one-third of British Indian Muslims fell on the Indian side and most of them, instead of migrating to Pakistan they created in 1947, stayed back in India at the behest of Congress. Over the next years and decades, they again became conscious of their Islamic superiority, separately distinct Muslim identity and their inborn right to launch Jihad on Kafir polytheist Hindus. Godhra was a result of that mentality of Indian Muslims, which back-fired very badly for them.

Gujarat 2002 showed the Indian Islamists their Awqat in the most definitive way. It punctured their Islamic ego, from which they are yet to come out. Gujarat 2002 was the sharpest slap on the face of Indian Islamists who drew fake pride from the bogus claim of ruling Hindu India for a thousand years. Gujarat 2002, cut the Indian Islamists into size. That is why they refuse to come out of the trauma and move ahead. Modi’s continuation as the Chief Minister of Gujarat for 12 more years and then becoming Prime Minister of India for next 8 years have rubbed the raw nerve of Indian Islamists and their supporters with chilli. Hence is their non-stop cry over Gujarat 2002 and Modi.

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