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From social justice sloganeering to caste justice governance of Modi- The rise of new India from scan ridden congress regime

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The best resolution of every Indian on the birth day of our dear Prime Minister Modi would be to support him unconditionally to make India free from dynastic politics, corruption, scam and nepotism.

If Modi wins, India wins otherwise we will be gifting our Bharat mata to the hands of those corrupt, dynastic politicians who know nothing but sycophancy and looting. 

Once upon a time the political slogan ‘social justice’ was the major traction of people and believing all those who sloganeer social justice would do social justice, people voted them. But those tukede tukede gangs used the same phrase and slogan just to get vote and then engaged in gang loot from the exchequer, did nothing for the deprived section of people.

PM Modi and Amit Shah saw a new opportunity in the day-light cheating of the opposition parties including the congress of the dynast and instead of sloganeering or advertising social justice, started to do everything possible to get justice to all sections of people. PM Modi engaged in empowering people, enabling them economically and making them aspirational.

According to Modi, it not providing freebies or appeasement politics but people must be economically, educationally, socially and politically empowered and then must be integrated into building a new nation. The confidence of people can be gained only thought transparent and good governance, governance dedicated for the development of the nation and not the development of one family like that of congress and other parties is the political philosophy of Modi and that is how Modi has become invincible in the hearts and minds of millions of people.

In the name of social justice, several political parties were playing caste politics and nothing else. The best example is DMK. Way back in late 1960’s, Karunanidhi of DMK divided the community as Hindu nadar and Christian nadar to defeat Kamarajar in Kanyakumari. Subsequently the caste consolidation engineering he perfected to win election which other parties in the state also followed subsequently.

Another irony in Tamil Nadu is that DMK from pre-historic times has been opposing Brahmins but DMK, Christian and Muslims in the state have more often voted only to the self –advertised and testified Brahmin Raghul Gandhi. Today DMK cannot exist in Tamil Nadu politics without both caste politics and congress support.

PM Modi has exposed the real intent and politics of all those who cry social justice and educated the people of various deprived sections that they were even denied the basic facilities like cooking gas connection, toilet, drinking water, power connection, bank account etc. It was Modi who provided all the above to poor people in the rural India. PM Modi has indeed empowered people, made them independent, made them aspirational, made them to learn and study the dirty politics of various tukde tukde gangs and congress party and made them to compare it with the good and transparent governance of PM Modi.

Like the good old saying “the proof of the pudding is in the eating” people have understood, transformed and therefore are supporting Modi and not the rhetoric or negative politics of congress party or other tukde tukde gangs.

The old and rotten policies and practices are when demolished for building a new, honest and transparent order and policy, such structural reform measures are bound to bring some slowness in our growth. We should not see such small drag as negative or sightless but are inevitable evil to make India a great nation.

Caste justice and empowering people is the motto of Modi. Modi not only empowered the weaker section of the society but also looked into the economic status of people who were otherwise neglected and excluded as forward, general or unreserved category. Modi did not play politics with general category but gave them their due share without affecting the due share of the weaker section of people that is already in existence.

Modi lives for the ordinary people, lives for truth and honesty, lives for development and sab ka vikas, lives for the glory and celebration of India.

Let us wish long, healthy and happy life to Modi and let us continue to work for Modi to continue him as our dear Prime Minister for several more terms to save India from corrupt, greedy dynastic political forces.

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