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The Dynast with Duryodhana syndrome

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The glory and reputation of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is growing day by day, expanding in great magnitude and PM Modi is propagating the mission of development, peace, sab ka vikas and corruption free governance. On the other side, the dynast and other tukde tukde gangs are constantly engaged in nothing but negative propaganda and hate politics and are shrinking, drying out and getting irrelevant increasingly but they still prefer to remain like Duryodhana to Lord Krishna.

Lord Krishna went to Hastinapur as messenger of peace and prosperity and requested Duryodhana to be merciful and intelligent towards his five brothers so that an unnecessary war can be avoided but the arrogant Duryodhana was not in a mood to listen to Lord Krishna and finally scripted own destruction.

When Modi receives international honour of undeniable respect and dignity, the opposition parties and the dynast love to mock instead of receiving the news with grace and magnanimity. After all, all such glory is conferred to our dear Prime Minister so India has more reason to celebrate than wink.  But our opposition parties don’t show any decency and maturity to praise PM Modi. Even if they don’t want to praise PM Modi they can avoid mocking our dear Prime Minister.

Like the Shakespeare’s saying “coming events cast their shadow before”, the opposition parties and the dynast are digging own graveyard by uttering nonsense at Modi.

Modi as the first Prime Minister proved the dignity, glory, richness and leadership character of India in the global level otherwise India was down in shame and humiliation due to countless allegations of scams during UPA1 and 2 such as 2G, CWG, Adharsh, Coal block allocation, INX media, Aricel-Maxis etc.

The task of PM Modi in his first term was quite herculean because India has to be saved first as well as its lost glory has to be regained. At international level, Modi made India a very confident country with great heritage and culture – called Hinduism by promoting YOGA, the soft power.


Unlike congress party and other tukde tukde gangs that had earned the tag of most corrupt to scientifically corrupt (DMK), Modi has earned the warmth of love and appreciations of people for governing the state free from corruption and nepotism.

The opposition tumble, slip, fall and fumble before Modi because most of them carry a huge baggage of corruption and scam, kickbacks and political misdeeds therefore their guilt unknowingly making them tremble before PM Modi, the incarnation of honesty, embodiment of development and sab ka vikas. Secondly none of the opposition parties and the dynast has any vision, agenda or plan as what they have to offer to the nation. Neither they have an agenda nor do they have a leader who can claim he is honest and transparent. Therefore like Duryodhana, the dynast and other tukde tukde gangs are opposing PM Modi and promote hatred against Modi.

Need of the hour is an unconditional support to Modi to make India a great land.  Let us vanquish divisive dynastic political forces and tukde tukde gangs from the political map of India. Good and noble governance needs no opposition and therefore let us make India doesn’t have any opposition to Modi.

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