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Modi’s Journey from “Hindi Belt” to a “Hindu State”

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The idea of Hindu Rashtra and Hindutva is with which the opposition seems to be biased while attacking the Modi government. The opposition has constantly maintained the position that this government is analogous to that of Hitler in Germany and Mussolini in Italy in the nineties. And while doing so they are blaming Veer Savarkar for this dangerous idea of Hindutva.

While the strategy worked in getting support from a certain section of the society, it is going to backfire them shortly. They probably are oblivious to the fact that it was Hitler who was successful in creating a national identity among the Germans. No one could achieve the same before him. While persecuting the Jews can never be supported, it is because of that national identity Germany could establish itself as a powerful nation in the aftermath of all those notoriety.

This truth was validated by none other than M K Gandhi. Gandhi did not find Hitler to be “as bad as he is portrayed” and accepted the fact that “ Germans of the future will honor Herr Hitler as a genius, a brave man, a matchless organizer and much more”. On a similar note, Veer Savarkar too acknowledged the fact that Nazism and Fascism actually were “the most congenial tonics, their health demanded.”

However, Modi is a classic and a different case and does not hold any relevance to Nazism or Fascism. But thanks to the opposition, he is achieving the same consequences without causing any bloodshed. The opposition has probably forgotten that Modi is the modern Indira in India. He has the same popularity mixed with nationalism and good governance as was enjoyed by the former Prime Minister of India. This is the reason he can make these tough decisions without being rejected by the people of India. It is Modi who made us feel proud of the country even outside the India-Pakistan cricket match.

Although the BJP has maintained a safe distance from the idea of “Hindu Rashtra” as propounded by Veer Savarkar and repeatedly demanded by RSS, the growing nationalism is, in reality, unifying the Hindus. And by Hindus, the idea of Hindutva includes the Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, and Parsis. Veer Savarkar maintained that Muslims and Christians could never assimilate with the culture and idea of India because India was not a holy land for neither of them. The recent vandalism by Muslims all around the country proves Savarkar’s idea to be right. After 70 years, they are yet to identify themselves with the idea of India. The baseless protest with a shallow understanding of the Citizenship Amendment Act,2019 genuinely points to the frustration among Muslims due to Ayodhya Verdict, the abolition of 370 and many other similar issues. The slogans against Hindus to insult their religious beliefs in the Anti-CAA protests speak volumes about the impending doom Islam will face in this country.

But the significance of these things is that the Hindus who would have otherwise not cared about religion became more aware and have started to identify themselves by religion. This Hindu unity mixed with nationalism will take India towards a Hindu Rashtra seamlessly. Today this trend is not only found in India. A growing aghastness against rising Islam is prevalent all around the world. Most of the developed countries are now led by the right-wing and this effectively strengthens Modi manifold. Of course, India may never be officially called a Hindu Rashtra but the idea of Hindutva will continue to dominate the psyche of the sleeping Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, and Parsis. Gone are those days when you can set up a narrative just by getting a celebrity talk about it in your favor. Every propaganda, no matter how strong it is, will fall out of place eventually.


Amid this turmoil, the opposition seems to be shooting at their feet by turning every issue into a communal thing and afterward standing strategically against the Hindus. This political stupidity will rob them of their strength and will surely backfire because the people of India can see to it who is playing the communal card deliberately. Thus, BJP MP Dr. Subramanian Swamy rightly says that he does not hate these protesters because they are playing instrumental in solidifying BJP’s Hindu voter base. Hindutva is no more a feeble idea. It has become dominant and that day is not far when the common people themselves will urge for a Hindu Rashtra by voting Modi again into power in 2024.

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